Black America (and not only) that sides with Trump

To reveal what the US left of the African American minority really thinks was the candidate for the Democratic presidency, Joe Biden, who said textual words: "If a black American votes for Trump then it means that he is not a true African American". For the series: blacks in America must be protected and supported in their legitimate claims but only when they vote for Dem and are comfortable in view of the battle to beat the US president who created more jobs (pre Covid-19 ) for them: the Republican Donald Trump.

Yet the vulgarity of Biden's thought – believed to be shared by many in the Democratic National Committee – is not destined to remain a dead letter. Many members of the large African American community in the United States now have a less ideological approach to politics, and not only linked to the experience within their country. With the presidential election approaching and the renewal of the House of Representatives, the Grand Old Party is deploying a formation ready to unseat the Dems candidates in their strongholds and prevent Joe Biden from becoming the 46th President of the United States.

One of the young spearheads of this line-up is Errol Webber, 33 years old, American of Caribbean origin, Trump and a staunch supporter of MAGA – Make America Great Again – who will try to blow the seat in California to the historic Dem representative of the 37th Congressional District , Representative Karen Bass, elected in 2011. Webber is a Republican Law & Order who condemned the violence following the murder of George Floyd and also showed his closeness to Matteo Salvini and the League after the former interior minister he received threats on social media following his statements in favor of restoring the rule of law and Donald Trump. " I hope to see Salvini soon at the helm of Italy," wrote the aspiring Rep , who also has good relations with his Northern League colleague Paolo Grimoldi, president of the delegation of Italian parliamentarians to the OECD. To racial insults addressed to the same Webber, Grimoldi replied expressing solidarity on Twitter : “Don't worry Errol: on the left black people only like them if they take to the streets with the red flag, otherwise they target them with racist insults, as happened to you". In the near future, the collaboration between Lega and Gop is expected to be much more intense and effective.

Not only have the black republicans been victims of the blind fury of the Black Lives Matters : the Italian-Americans have also been targeted by Antifa protesters, because they have been identified as a conservative and favorable constituency to The Donald. Attempts to smear and destroy the statues of Christopher Columbus have been manifold in several American cities. In Philadelphia, some Italians had to preside over his statue. They were mainly defended by YouTuber and conservative commentator DeAnna Lorraine, who in the past attempted to stand against Nancy Pelosi in California. Lorraine is also close to Salvini's positions and in the past wrote that "if he had been there as prime minister, the coronavirus would certainly have been better treated by the Italian government!". Its website presents itself with the triad God, Family and Country as reference values, in contrast to the liberal values ​​of uprooting and globalism. Lorraine also spoke out against the 5 Star Movement which she called "anti-Trump and pro-Chinese". The latest controversy over the alleged funds from Venezuela for Grillo's movement has strengthened the idea – in America as in Italy – that a broad conservative pro-democracy and pro-liberty front is needed to counteract Chinese hegemonic aims and friendships. "Dangerous" of the Italian government. Black and Trumpian America will certainly be at the forefront of this battle too.

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