Black Lives Matter, but only if they can be exploited in the sign of the anti-western subversivist revival

Once the class conflict has disappeared, they try in vain to revive, help the global conflict: blacks against whites, the latter bound to be ashamed of them, to perceive themselves all as robocop, to hate the police institution as such, to deny culture, values, traditions, in a word the whole West, to be eradicated, dried in the roots

Aphasic and verbose left. Aphasic as verbose, many, too many words that do not support ideas but hypocrisies, false consciences and false truths and in the end all that remains is the staging, the last of the mass kneeling in honor of George Floyd, the black dead after a policeman had immobilized him with a deadly hold for almost 9 minutes. Like a virus, like one of those card games that you throw one down and a whole plastic model comes down, in contact, in chains all over the world, you kneel for a pantomime that, evidently, ignores the victim's memory and takes on the contours of yet another ideological manifesto: black lives matter , the lives of blacks count, but above all ours. Like that of an Italian presenter who organized the scene live, with the right lights.

Lives matter, but vanity is more important in the sign of the subversivist revival: the class conflict has disappeared, which in vain is attempted to revive, rescues the global conflict according to Toni Negri's intuition: black against white, the latter kept to be ashamed of them , to perceive everyone as robocop , to hate the police institution as such, to deny culture, values, traditions, in a word the whole West, to be eradicated, dried in the roots.

Lives matter, but not all in the same way: Azzurra Barbato rightly remembers Pasquale Apicella on Twitter , the last Italian agent who fell in an attempt to stem a robbery of Roma who killed him with the car: nobody knelt down, in case they would have done it for the "weak ethnicity", as they love to see it. Do black people's lives count? One would not say if the usual Hollywood billionaires swollen with stereotypes as much as dust defend them, while other blacks proceed to the assault of the ovens, they come out exalted by the chains of luxury goods laden with stolen goods. They also arrested the daughter of the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, the Democrat, one with obvious problems, and the father: I am proud of my daughter. Proud of a luxury casinist, daughter of a powerful, out of a rehab , who blames his failures on the alleged white persecutory supremacy. How many like her?

Black lives matter , but the phrase ends up meaning nothing more without the kneeling ceremony. To apologize! To who? In the name of what? To find yourself with fair skin? But what would this ranting counter-racism be if not yet another subtle, bleak means to rewrite a global order to measure politically correct, Pavlovian anti-Americanism, Marxism of undertow as Ryszard Legutko calls it? Yesterday there was no shame in being white males, as the irritating provocateur who answers the name Rula Jeabral calls them. Today to be white tout court . Always being white, western and children of capitalist culture.

But it is so clear that "the lives of blacks matter" if they can be exploited, if you can hurl them like a human tide against Trump, incredibly accused even of the murder of the violent policeman Derek Chauvin; it is so clear that the antifà are orchestrated foam, puppets whose threads are pulled from far away. They bothered everything in function of this global victimization, from Barack Obama to Luther King to Muhammad Ali. But Obama was the pacifist president who fomented or allowed or underestimated wars and unfortunate terrorism; Luther King never preached street violence and assaults on fetishes of capitalism – that, in case it was Malcolm X; and Muhammad Ali, who went through the lives of both, would have shivered in the face of such miserable scenes. Ali defended, with courage not free from cunning and contradictions, black pride by paying personally – and by beating other Herculean blacks, often denigrating them first to disrupt them psychologically. From black to black, his insults were often racist, and cruelly racist. But he was never less than heroic and never boiled down to meanness, which is why even his own targets ended up giving him credit for a civil and integration battle that nobody knew how to take on like him.

Please, restore the sense of proportion and reality. Let's say that it makes no sense to kneel, to humble oneself as symbols of shame for the crime committed by one, far away, who has nothing to do with our "race". And that in the anti-direct vandalism aimed at looting, there is nothing dignified, honest, or really "matters". And that who supports him, having finished the formulas and slogans, is only a Farfarello in search of visibility, one who kneels because lives count starting from his, ending with his.

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