Coronavirus and George Floyd, assault on Trump: the left willing to dance over the rubble to win

We receive and gladly publish this comment by Luca Marfé, journalist of the Mattino

It is now very clear: the Democrats are trying. First the coronavirus , then the death of George Floyd: it's all Donald Trump's fault. In the first case, some reasons have it. The hesitations of the President, in fact, not only have sent a confused message to the nation, but have at times even ridiculed the pandemic affair which is still dramatic today. They are credible to a certain extent, however: because when Trump first sensed the danger, thundering the closure of flights to and from China, the best thing that came to their mind to do was to accuse him of racism.

Racism that returns to the absurd story of Floyd. Nero, suffocated by the knee of a policeman who kept his face and asphalt crushed for more than eight long minutes. The scene is that of Minneapolis, the state is that of Minnesota, the mayor and governor are both Democrats. Now: that Trump has never done anything to drive the white supremacists out of himself and in general a certain discriminatory feeling is a proven fact, it is even already history of what the 2016 elections were and what the elections of this will be 'year. But from here to turn it into a defendant there. And from here to transform an episode, albeit a very serious one, on the tempting occasion to destabilize a country, it passes even more. With all the risks involved. Risks that someone already traces, with an expression that may appear excessive at first glance, but which in reality is not: civil war . Demonstrating against injustices, especially the most hateful ones like racial ones, is sacrosanct. To break up, plunder and steal is wrong.

It is the opposite of the freedom, security and rule of law on which the United States of America itself is founded. And coincidentally, protests are rampant in democratic-led states. There, that is, where it should be natural to blame local administrators and where, obviously, local administrators leave their hands free of chaos as long as it can go up to Washington, up to the doors of the White House.

Why all this? Because there is the emptiness of a useless candidate, of a Joe Biden who does not impress anyone, and who therefore needs, in addition to Obama, to be filled with the art of the crisis unleashed artfully. Two mistakes above all. The first: it is too early. The November vote is paradoxically still far off and they cannot think of being able to "dilate" George Floyd's death for five months to the left. The second: from right to left, right or wrong, what the Americans really care about is the economy. And any form of economy, under such conditions, is simply impossible. Naturally, therefore, that voters look at Trump as the restorer of the law, order and records that, according to the numbers and not the partisan narratives, he had managed to put in the safe in the last three years. Elections are not won like this, hoping to dance over the rubble. The holding of a country for its own, basically miserable, political interests is not jeopardized.

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