For thirty years the same methods to eliminate opponents, but the country is exhausted and the game shows the rope

And at the end of another disturbing end of July, on leaving a now semi-deserted Senate, which condemned the leader with greater consensus of the center-right opposition, Matteo Salvini, to a political process, he cannot fail to return to the reporter's mind the vivid memory of a first August seven years ago. "Condemnation Mediaset" which then made Silvio Berlusconi declare, with methods still to be verified, as senator. The feeling is the same, but Italy has profoundly changed in these seven years. And yet, if Matteo Renzi then, hastily, in light of the events that followed, he said "game over" , this time the impression is that of a yellow-red-pink majority strongly in trouble. In trouble against the "enemy" on duty, to be eliminated, according to a script inaugurated with Bettino Craxi and continued with Berlusconi, through the judiciary.

The secretary of the Salvini League is sent to trial, and with him politics, or an act of executive power, shared by all that Count 1 executive, starting with the Prime Minister, who remained the same to lead the current government. And yet he, and only he, are sent to trial after having fully shared the policies of "closed ports" to uncontrolled immigration which today, in post-Covid times , is in fact causing a new emergency for which the state is extended of emergency. In short, it seems that this government is singing it and playing it, on the skin of a country bent by a serious economic crisis after the months of lockdown . There are only 8 discarding votes (149 versus 141) between those who send the former minister of the interior and the former vice premier to trial and those who persistently continue to follow the now thirty-year scripts of a left that has never accepted the alternation, or the juice of democracy. Because this is the real political point. That is, the left one, which, as Daniele Meloni wrote for Atlantico Quotidiano , stands every time to a sort of "public health committee", just to go and stay in power. And this from Craxi to Berlusconi and finally to Salvini. And whoever lives will see.

And yet the game has now shown the rope. We are now at the scraping of the barrel: only 8 marks. Between the rule of law, between the primacy of politics and the methods of the usual suspects. It made a little impression on the reporter, who has seen many, seeing certain faces, still and always the same, wandering the Senate of those dramatic days of Cav's decline. When a retroactive interpretation of the Severino law was used and even the abolition of the secret vote, effectively distorting a customary application of the Senate regulation. Then, triumphant, they said "game over" . On the evening of 30 July 2020, however, a grave silence enveloped Palazzo Madama. The scene of the embrace in the classroom between the leader of the League and the senator of Forza Italia, Stefania Craxi, vice-president of the Foreign Affairs Commission of Palazzo Madama, makes the "film" of judicial persecution even more evident than in this country the left " he has been projecting ”for thirty years to try to get rid of political opponents and anyone who hinders his plans. Of power. In a country now exhausted by methods that make a certain left a real problem for democracy. Other than "sovereignists" …

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