Justicialism and Venezuelagate: the boomerangs that return to the face of the grillini

The news published yesterday by ABC on the alleged 3.5 million euro loan from the 5 Star Chávez regime is obviously to be demonstrated, and above all to be denied. Politically speaking, as we have seen, it is a bomb, which raises some difficult questions, such as the timing of revelation: why right now? At a time when the 5 stars seem to be heading towards a process of possible fragmentation, with an "institutional" part, dominated by the trio Grillo, Conte and Di Maio – who doesn't think of giving up the government and the Democratic Party in the least – and a minority part , maximalist, managed by the duo Di Battista-Casaleggio, who would like to maintain a kind of old orthodoxy. Obviously, this possible division will have repercussions on the keeping of the Executive.

As it is not our duty to demonstrate whether the Venezuelan funding for the grillini took place or not, whether the document is authentic or a fake, what we are interested in detecting here is the political data. As happened with the Di Matteo case, nobody escapes that once again, like a boomerang, the poisoned rose petals that have imprudently sown in recent years return to the grillini. The most extremist wing of the judiciary has already presented the bill: as soon as one of the leaders of that area felt sidelined, not satisfied in his expectations, he did not scruple to denounce the Minister of Justice Bonafede in every seat , or the one who until recently considered him a point of reference. A complaint that, frankly, had very little valid content – because certainly the minister has every right to rethink a nomination – but that brought to light a sick relationship between a political party and a part of the judiciary that saw in it its own appendix.

The same is true of the Venezuela issue. As it happens, today that an important part of the grillini decides to complete the institutional turn, compromising documents are beginning to be disseminated on the relations between the Movement and an authoritarian and illiberal regime such as the Latin American Chavista. The writer believes that the story is to be demonstrated, de facto and de jure, also because it seems too simplistic the way things would have gone, almost irresponsible. But what is true, without a shadow of a doubt, are the relationships that in recent years the grillini have cultivated with undemocratic regimes, for the sole purpose of covering themselves with a revolutionary aura, with a Sixty-eight flavor. A positioning that, in recent years, has led the grillini to propose initiatives against the United States and Israel, but never against regimes responsible for abuses of human rights, such as Iran, China and precisely Venezuela. As for Venezuela, then, we came to the paradox of putting Italy in a meaningless middle ground, with the pretense of recognizing both Maduro's right to govern as president elected by the people, and that of Guaidò to govern as appointed by Parliament (elected by the people …).

Then, perhaps, this Venezuelagate could serve the 5 Stars – like the Di Matteo case – to start a sincere process of self-criticism. To understand that what you cultivate badly, it will grow rotten. That dealing with the regimes, just as it does not exclude that that document is a fake of the oppositions, does not even exclude that it is a product of the regime itself in power in Caracas, perhaps annoyed by the institutional turning point of the Grillina majority. This is what they should think about: scoops come and go, sometimes they have a disruptive effect, other times they deflate like balloons. What remains is the political message and flirting with justicialists and false revolutionaries, known for their corruption and their role in drug trafficking and in supporting international terrorism, certainly cannot be a source of pride.

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