“Only Trump and Salvini can shield the Chineseization of the West.” Speak DeAnna Lorraine

"I too am Italian and I have in my heart the political events of Italy" . So DeAnna Lorraine, the star of the Republican-conservative world trumpiano who revealed to the world the meeting of Prime Minister with lobbyists Huawei and tried to contend for the seat to Democrat Nancy Pelosi grandee, chose to answer the questions of the Atlantic Newspaper at a crucial moment in the battle between Trump and Biden for the US presidency and for the West in general.

DANIELE MELONI: Do you believe that a possible democratic presidency of Joe Biden would mean a genufluxion of the United States towards China?
DEANNA LORRAINE: I don't see how it could be otherwise. This is already the case, just look at the 1.5 billion contract that the Chinese have kindly granted to Biden's son, Hunter. This is to make it clear what would happen with a Democrat in the White House. Already today many Democrats and even some Republicans campaigning for them in the House and Senate are very close to China. Fortunately, Trump is still showing muscle in China about the economy and the spread of the coronavirus and can stop this genuflection before it's too late.

DM: Democrats seem to support any demonstration as long as it re-discusses the past and present of the West and damages Trump. How high is the threat to Western civilization in the event of their victory in November?
DL: Without the Trumpian "shield" China would do what it wants in the West. The elections in November are essentially a challenge between Trump and communist China. Our liberal left is the real threat to us. I can say that with 100 percent absolute certainty. They want to turn America from top to bottom, destroy values, traditions and the American way of life . They have become dangerous because they support the most extremist masses and looting by throwing gasoline on the fire to sharpen the divisions and create social tensions in the anti-Trump function. By destroying Trump they want to destroy the American Dream . They are against the family, against America and against God and do not have at heart the freedom of opinion inscribed in our Constitution. By listening to them we will have a totalitarian America, but fortunately the silent majority of Americans are increasingly making their voice heard next to Trump to prevent Democrats from winning the presidential elections. America is a beacon for the whole world and we are determined to stay that way.

DM. What idea have you got of the current Italian political situation? Only the League seems to express an Atlanticist and containment foreign policy towards Beijing. Are we facing the Chineseization of Italy?
DL. The Italian situation is worrying. The Conte government is so close to China's positions that it turns pale. All of this is unacceptable for America. I admire and respect Matteo Salvini: he is an honest and courageous politician and, like President Trump, he shows off a great leadership. Just as for Trump in America, the left also uses the judiciary against him in Italy for reasons of political struggle. The government, however, has come to an end and we should go to new elections as soon as possible, which Salvini would win. And do you know why? Because it embodies the spirit of the country and this is not liked by a majority of communist government. With Salvini at Palazzo Chigi Italy would return to the right track. For the benefit of itself and also of America.

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