Opposition leaders on trial and state of emergency: a combination that moves Italy away from Western democracies

From the Lombard witch hunt through the trials of Salvini, the judiciary that wants to decide who can govern and who can not, and the left that once again resorts to the political use of justice to eliminate opponents

With yesterday's vote authorizing Matteo Salvini's trial for the Open Arms affair, the Senate managed to write yet another black page in the relationship between politics and justice. In one fell swoop, Parliament bowed its head in front of the protagonists of the judges, sent the leader of the first Italian party to the media-judicial circus, and gave new ammunition for the "Bella Estate" of the Prosecutor's Office which this week reserved all their concerns to opposition leaders. From the Lombard witch hunt through the trials of Salvini, guilty – think a little! – of wanting to enforce a state law when he was a minister, we are witnessing a real invasion, a "judicialisation of politics" as we have not seen since Tangentopoli.

It is no coincidence that one of the few edifying scenes of yesterday – during a session of the Senate that will certainly not be distinguished by what often commentators call "haute politique" – was that of the embrace between the leader of the League and the force-senator Stefania Craxi, daughter of Bettino, whom Salvini inherited, judicial persecution.

So, while the majority clearly aims to eliminate the leader most voted in the last European elections, giving implausible justifications for his intent, the center-right finds itself in its usual position for the past thirty years: that of victim of the left-wing judiciary that wants to put the hat on the Italian political system and decide who can govern and who cannot.

On the other hand, the encounter between the 5-star piercamillodavighist culture, the Jacobin culture of the left and the cynically utilitarian one of the Renzians could only produce the most justicialist government in the history of the Republic.

All this while fleas are made in the press and on the work of President Fontana but there is no mention of the supply of mysteriously disappeared masks ordered by the President of the Lazio Region and secretary of the Pd Zingaretti; it is silent on the De Luca Covid specialized hospital in Campania which cost taxpayers 7 million and is always empty; they devote short stories to the former minister Lotti, who goes to trial for the Consip case. And above all, he pretends to forget that Salvini's actions were endorsed by the entire government of the time, with a majority of 5 Stars, with today's progressive idol Giuseppe Conte in the role of Prime Minister. And we are talking about a year ago, not a century.

The left toasts champagne for having sent Salvini to trial but do not delude himself: his cin-cin is not vintage, it tastes of cork. You never have to be proud of your democracy when you make 27 health inquiries run by the first opposition party; when relying on social hatred and envy to get our hands on a region where voters have always refused to vote on the left; when you try by any means to get rid of who – if you go to the vote – would end up straight at Palazzo Chigi instead of who, a vote, has never taken it even from a condominium assembly.

Twenty eight years after the beginning of the tangentopolara "terreur" , Italy finds itself again and again: the politicization of justice is still the decisive and dominant factor in our public life. In other western democracies it doesn't work that way. Yesterday at Palazzo Madama a trend was confirmed: to bring the country back to its role among the great liberal democracies, it will still take a long time.

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