Other than anti-racists, they are enemies of democracy. We will not kneel, we will not be re-educated or intimidated

We saw the height last night, when the statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square was smeared and vandalized.

Now, can a sincere anti-fascist and anti-racist take it out on Winston Churchill? Obviously, there must be something wrong. And the thing that does not come back is right in front of us: those we have seen devastating entire cities for more than a week, from Minneapolis to New York in the United States, up to the weekend just spent in Europe, London and Brussels, all they are except sincere anti-fascists and anti-racists.

They are primarily "criminals and thugs" . No, the definition is not ours, nor of Trump, but of Barack Obama, who thus, after a single night of unrest, defined the violent who devastated Baltimore in 2015 after the death of Freddie Gray: “No excuse for the kind of violence " . On this occasion, there was no clear-cut condemnation from the ex-president, who instead praised the "activism" of young people and urged them to use "the urgency of protests to trigger real change" (but how, wasn't he supposed to be the change?).

But don't give it to us, dear Antifa , BLM and variants. The racial question has nothing to do with injustice. It is a mixture of ignorance and ideology. Anti-Western ideology, deeply anti-democratic, is hatred for the political opponent. And someone blows on the fire thinking to take advantage of it.

It needs to be said. There is no racism before the law in the United States (no more, for decades) and official data also deny that there is a systemic racial prejudice in the conduct of law enforcement. We are no longer in the 60s, even if it would seem so from the reports and editorials with "romantic" tones that we read these days on the old and new media of the left. No reverend King can be glimpsed among those who set fire to buildings, loot shops, knock down statues, pound wildly and sometimes kill unfortunate people. At least four innocent African Americans have lost their lives because of, or even at the hands of the rioters, while there are no blacks or whites who have seen their small business and even their home destroyed. A massacre of constitutionally protected rights, therefore of justice, which US mayors and governors have shown they are not capable of or do not want to oppose.

But the official data, reported in recent days by the Wall Street Journal , are clear. If the police killings of African Americans are about twice the percentage of the black population in the United States, it is because of the crime rate and suspect behavior before and during interactions with police officers.

There are about 375 million interactions between police and civilians every year. In 2019, police officers shot and killed 1,004 people. Among these, African Americans have been 235 (of which 9 are unarmed), about 25 percent, a stable percentage since 2015. About double the black population (13 percent), but much less than the crime rate would indicate , since the shootings depend on how often the agents face armed or violent suspects. In 2018, the last year for which the data was published, African Americans committed 53 percent of the murders and 60 percent of the robberies, over four times the percentage of the black population.

93 percent of blacks are killed by other blacks, but in these cases the "lives of blacks" seem to count much less than when a black is killed by a white policeman. Black Lives Matter does not protest when blacks kill each other, although it is the leading cause of death among African Americans aged 15 to 45.

In large American cities we find high percentages of black police officers, many are governed by black mayors, many states by black governors, there has even been a black president – for eight years, during which he evidently has not been able to do much . More killing of black citizens by the police occurred under Obama, but not through his own fault, as Trump is not to blame today. Also because in the United States public order does not depend on the White House and the federal government, the police are under the direct control of the mayors and governors. Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the mayor, the governor, the attorney general and even the police chief (black, by the way) are Democrats. Still, the protest has come under the White House.

In the tragic end of George Floyd what we see clearly is an excess of use of force, a brutal abuse of power, but we have no indications, at the moment, of a racial motive. It will eventually be the process to establish it, as it will have to determine if it was a voluntary, manslaughter or pre-intentional murder. And even here, from the video that we have all seen, the answer is not obvious. By the way, is there any "Nobody touches Cain" who worries these days that Cain is subjected to a fair trial, who wonders how a peaceful process will ever take place?

One might wonder, then, what determines these high crime rates in the African American population. Socio-economic starting conditions more difficult on average? Persistent inequalities in society, despite formal parity before the law? It is a hypothesis, but then the problem is not police racism, it is political, and it is necessary to recognize the failure of decades of federal and state policies supported primarily by Democrats; recognize that the lowest unemployment rate for African Americans has been recorded under Trump; to recognize identity politics as a disaster, on which the Democrats have aimed to increase their consensus, which feeds the victimization and resentment of the groups.

It will be said, but "for the most part" have been peaceful demonstrations. Admitted and not granted, of course, legitimate to demonstrate peacefully and seek justice for George Floyd. We would miss it. Always keeping in mind that justice, where thank God there is the rule of law, is that of the courts, not the squares. But even those peaceful streets and squares have not convinced us. We are not convinced by the obvious attempt to politically exploit Floyd's death against the Trump administration (we do not remember similar mobilizations during Obama's eight years, yet there was no lack of blacks killed by the police), nor the mass kneeler, the attempt yet more serious than criminalization – this racist yes – of the "whites", as if everyone – only because "whites" – should feel responsible for the death of George Floyd, atone for a collective guilt, a kind of original sin of "suprematism".

Even more than in the violence, the bitterness and the concern lie in the moral and political surrender of the western institutions and leaderships (except one, it must be said, although besieged) to the sense of guilt, to the politically correct which are today the real cancer which risks tearing the West from the inside, lowering all its defenses, primarily cultural ones.

The Minneapolis city council that decides to dissolve the police department, to devise a "new security model" (best wishes); law enforcement agencies everywhere, even in London, under a conservative government, who do not move a finger, who even kneel to expiate an alleged collective guilt. The right and rights enshrined in our constitutions that remain defenseless, at the mercy of the violent, who however pass for the "righteous", for the victims who rebel against the "system".

We are witnessing an Orwellian reversal of reality, a great scene of mass hysteria, surreal analyzes and comments from the mainstream media. As Giulio Meotti rightly wrote, on Twitter :

“Are you white? Don't feel guilty, you didn't kill George Floyd. Being white has become a kind of original sin. If you do not do penance to be white, paying homage to mass immigration and multiculturalism, you become a white supremacist. "

In Italy, the head of the Sardines would even like to "educate" us to accept the ius soli .

It is clear that we, on this small but combative vessel of the Atlantic , do not kneel, do not allow ourselves to be re-educated or intimidated – above all not by people who would need basic education first of all. It is a matter of defending the West with all its achievements, not only economic, its culture, its history, its identity. The so-called silent majority (meanwhile become a minority, who knows …) will have to be heard, fight the battle of ideas without complexes, in the workplace, in leisure time, in conversations with friends, in the family, on social media, in bars and squares, with the vote, anywhere and anytime.

And we hope that the challenge is taken up by leadership at the height. If not from a cultural point of view, at least of courage.

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