Rampant racism? The Guardian would do better to look into his home

For the Guardian , probably the newspaper that more than any other in the world accuses anyone of racism, apparently one black is worth the other, at least when it comes to blacks with the microphone in hand on a stage. A few days after clamorously copying the photo (and also the video, and also the age and date of birth) of Denise Johnson (former vocalist of the Primal Scream ) on the occasion of his death, the politically correct British newspaper published on its site of the image of rapper Kano instead of that of rapper Wiley (accused of anti-Semitism), however – unreachable counterpoint – in support of a piece of denunciation against the rampant racism online, which obviously blamed the blame on other newspapers "drug dealers "prejudices. For the purpose of this story, knowing who these two rappers are is not important. It only matters that they are both black. So, for the Guardian , are they indistinguishable? Interchangeable? All equal? Five months ago, when BBC and Evening Standard had confused black parliamentarians with each other, the Guardian had even mobilized two reporters to denounce the embarrassing wrongdoing and underlying raging racism. And now? What's now? Shall we cancel the Guardian , guardian of all virtues?

And to think that at the bottom of every article on the website of the newspaper that is the beacon of the well-thought of all over the world, there appears a pompous message almost as long as the article itself which, before asking you insistently for a donation to ensure that the magic does not stop, among other things, he says: “For decades, we have reported on the brutality that has destroyed the lives of black citizens and ethnic minorities around the world. Justice begins with the discovery of truth . " And the truth is that, before letting us know how racist we are all and launching continuous re-education campaigns against "unconscious prejudice", perhaps those of the Guardian would do better to wash their dirty clothes and look in the mirror, even if the risk is that they can mistake themselves for some other wretched keyboard moralizer that the media unfortunately swarms with.

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