The iconoclastic fury also hits one of the Beatles’ symbols: so all the greats of rock can fall

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The iconoclastic fury has not spared even the plaques of Penny Lane in Liverpool, a street that has become one of the iconic symbols of the Beatlesian universe. The new censors of single and politically correct thinking have taken it for granted that the street was named after James Penny, a slave trader, a reference that has never found any confirmation. We are careful, because we start by smearing, moreover ignoring the true meaning of statues and symbols of the historical-cultural heritage, last the statue of Julius Caesar in Belgium, and we end up purging everything that may appear "defective" in the eyes of the interpreters of the unique thought, until you get an eternally present time, perfectly compliant, as happens in the Orwellian dystopia of "1984" .

Today Julius Caesar is soiled, tomorrow we cannot fail to censor his works; today the license plate of Penny Lane is defaced, the next step is to ban the song of the same name and the next one will still censor the Beatles themselves. Even Rock 'n' Roll is under attack, "look out you rock 'n rollers" (assuming they are left) warned Bowie, be careful. Rock 'n' Roll was and is the symbol of freedom, freedom of expression and thought, freedom to provoke and upset and precisely for this reason between the late 60s and early 70s it changed the world to the sound of distorted guitars that brought down the status quo and censorship agreement after agreement. We will not discuss the rumored death of rock, rather how it can be minutely scrutinized by the censure of the politically correct that drives the wave of self-proclaimed "revolutionary", but which does not appear to be so revolutionary, if it is conveyed and amplified by the mainstream media system.

After banning the Beatles for singing about a street believed to have been named after a slave trader, one could pounce on Sid Vicious, for example, for going around provocatively wearing a shirt with a swastika. And so, many greetings also to the Sex Pistols . We should start hiding Motorhead's albums, because Lemmy Kilmister, notoriously interested in Nazi symbols, may not like the politically correct champions; would not save even the least suspicious David Bowie, who can forget his salute with outstretched arm in front of Victoria Station at the time of his "Thin White Duke" ? Animalists may not like Ozzy Osbourne, who not only accidentally took a bite off the head of a bat on stage, but in the same way, and this time voluntarily, also the head of a dove during a meeting with the CBS ; not to mention the time when, hallucinated by alcohol, he almost killed his wife Sharon: the feminists could put him at the stake and with him the Black Sabbath . Let's get ready to say goodbye to AC / Dc too , no iconic riff to the "Back in black" will resonate anymore, being their universe populated by strippers and women with easy costumes – let's think about the live shows during which on the notes of "Whole Lotta Rosie ” On stage an enormous female figure in underwear is inflated roughly riding a train. Offensive. To be censored. What will become of the Ramones singing "I'm a Nazi schatzi / You know I fight for the Fatherland" ? Outrageous, outrageous as the reference to the German blitzkrieg "Blitzkrieg" in what has become their anthem. All away. We will no longer be able to listen to Oasis as the Gallagher brothers are the last bastion of politically incorrect, just think of the "enough talk about public debt and Africa" pronounced by Liam as he lashed out against the rock stars who pontificate from their penthouses, first among everyone, Bono.

This is what would most likely happen if the fury of politically correct was not stopped in time: history and the "Great History" are in danger, there is no need to deny it, Rock 'n' Roll is also part of it, the same rock that changed the world and which still gives chills and perhaps a bit of healthy nostalgia to those who listen to it. Once the story is torn down we will live in a silent eternal present but we should have learned that so "the film is a saddening bore / 'cause we wrote it ten times or more / It's about to be writ again …" .

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