The most insidious enemy of the West is within it: the guilt complexes of minority but influential environments

Never before in this period have Western societies been hit by "guilt complexes" that often prevent quick and effective decisions from being made. In reality, the above complexes are powered and channeled through the mass media only by certain sectors of these companies. These are essentially minority sectors, but very influential thanks to the control they exercise over the press and the media in general.

Let me start by saying that I continue to use the word "West", although today many argue that it is an empty term, to which there is nothing real. It matters little, being the writer convinced that the West still exists, although less sure of itself and of the values ​​that make up its substrate.

Let me explain with two examples, certainly not chosen at random. Here is the first. A large number of newspapers and blogs have been trying for some time to convince public opinion that the fault of the unstoppable wave of desperate people who board the boats to cross the Mediterranean and land – when they succeed – on the Italian coasts is ours, and ours alone.

If there had been no colonialism all this would not have happened. In other words, the illegal immigrants from Africa and the Middle East, if the old European powers had not practiced colonial expansion in the aforementioned territories in the past, they would be happy and happy in their countries, without even being touched by the idea of emigrate.

And that's not all. The West would also bring endemic corruption and malfeasance. Before – it seems to understand – the locals were innocent and uncorrupted, as the myth of the "good savage" teaches that, despite the evidence to the contrary, continues to fascinate the minds of the guilty.

Sorry to say, but a substantial part of the Catholic world has provided – and continues to provide – a decisive contribution to the spread of such a mentality. Even with its highest authorities. Famous is the episode of Pope Francis who, on a visit to Lampedusa, shouted "shame!" . It was never clear to whom it was addressed. The most accredited interpretation, moreover never denied by the pontiff, is that the Italian authorities were under accusation.

Prudent but rather subtle reactions followed. By what facts was the invitation to shame justified? Already then Lampedusa was at the end of the day, with the reception centers no longer able to accommodate the refugees and, in the meantime, the situation worsened involving practically all the Italian regions.

But, anyway, the story continues. Reception would always be a duty. It doesn't matter if it's practically up to us, with an EU according to the most benevolent distracted, and in the opinion of many others deaf and guilty. The accusations of negligence and lack of sensitivity to human rights do not cease.

Second example, no less significant, which mainly concerns blogs and social networks . Not a day goes by without someone reminding us that responsibility for the tragic situation we are experiencing is being charged to the arms dealers and the interests of the war industry. We even read that said industry (and, obviously, we only speak of the western one) would favor chaos to sell more and more, increasing its profits out of all proportion.

In parallel, campaigns are conducted against the strengthening of the defensive potential of nations that often suffer, among other things, from piracy and are practically powerless to spread jihadist radicalism in their own territories. Needless such reinforcement, according to pacifists of all colors. Terrorism is answered with the famous "inclusion policy", and not with self-defense. Which, of course, to be effective, needs trained forces and – horrible dictu – weapons.

And finally the "massacre of the statues" which, coincidentally, originates precisely in intellectual and academic circles, in particular the Americans and the British. As if this were enough to erase history which, in any case, must be studied and preserved, for example by framing slavery in a specific historical context. And without forgetting that, in Africa, the greatest slave traders were the Arabs and not the Europeans.

In short, there is a total collapse on all fronts, and this means that, perhaps, the supporters of the non-existence of the West are not so wrong. And that Oswald Spengler had seen well, anticipating the sunset. It seems to me that the conclusion is evident. Western nations, more than external enemies, have to fear themselves and the widespread numbness that paralyzes their ability to react.

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