The short circuit of the US Democrats: the “Defund the Police” madness is a gift to Trump and to the fans of the Second Amendment

The only seriously sad thing is the bad death of George Floyd, but everything that came after that horrendous circumstance had tragic traits and farcical aspects at the same time. The tragedy was revealed through the numerous episodes of violence that occurred in various American cities, the smeared statue of Winston Churchill and in general, a certain type of ideological hatred towards western civilization touted by those who were born and continue to live in the same West . The farce has instead become evident in the exploitation of the Floyd case, planned and launched by all those who, in the United States and beyond, have an interest in crippling Donald Trump in all possible ways, up to compromising his re-election next November. Who knows, they might have thought, maybe the coronavirus will not be enough to completely sink the former tycoon, and then what could be better than shaking the bogeyman of racism about a story, in itself execrable without if and without but, fall like cheese on macaroni?

A white policeman who kills a black man during the Trump presidency, who must be considered, according to a stubborn and interested prejudice by some, as an at least complicit government under the racism. Trump may be politically incorrect as long as he likes, but it has to do with racial discrimination like snack cabbages. The instrumental use of human dramas leads to behaviors between the tragic and the pathetic, and to political choices, to say the least bizarre. In the race to be all more realistic than the king, we start from a truly dramatic event like the suffocation of poor Floyd, to then flow into the tragicomic. The kneeling , among which our Myrta Merlino and Laura Boldrini, perhaps think of making a great global gesture, but at best they make you smile and at worst, they make you angry because it is a one-way prostration and very constructed. Never seen, for example, for coronavirus deaths, for suicidal entrepreneurs and for all the policemen in the world, including the American ones, who fell on duty.

From the show of the kneeling to the paradoxical and eccentric moves of the overseas Democrats. From the demonstrations organized in America by the so-called Antifa , which, it should be pointed out, have a political and militant nature and do not represent ordinary people in revolt against the alleged racism of the police, a slogan in particular emerged, the "Defund the Police" . That is, the request to reduce or cut funds for the police entirely. If some far-left activist, who perhaps already loves to smear the cities with spray paint and the ancient ACAB ( All Cops Are Bastards ), dreams of the disappearance of all the police corps, it is not surprising that much, but if it is the American Democratic Party, however radicalized on the left in recent years, that interprets the extremist anti-police prejudice, which behind the uniforms sees only fascists and racists, so many questions emerge. Still, it seems that the Dems have decided to embrace the "Defund the Police" . In the House of Representatives, led by the usual Nancy Pelosi, they have already presented a proposal containing various limitations for the police, while in the Big Apple the mayor Bill de Blasio foresees a reduction of funds for the famous New York Police Department . In the city of Minneapolis, theater of the death of George Floyd, it goes even further, with the City Council, with a democratic majority, which proposes to dismantle the entire local police force. In addition to the folly of wanting to punish all the city police, however, taking into account the fact that those responsible for Floyd's death have already been identified and arrested, Agent Derek Chauvin and his colleagues, the US Democrats are so taken by the attempt to make sink Donald Trump by not noticing he is going to the left of the Antifa .

And they do not even notice another thing, because there is also another facet, that is to give indirect space to the anarcho-libertarian spirit, always present in America, but never close to the Democratic Party. In the anti-Trump tragedy, fans of "big government" , from which the more or less anarchist libertarians have always kept away, are offering a stimulus for the privatization of cities. Urban centers and communities equipped with services managed entirely by private individuals, including public order, symbolize a historic libertarian dream. In addition to racists or alleged racists, crime remains, and if the police fail, because it is considered dangerous by politics, they organize themselves by appealing to private security companies or to forms of self-defense. The short circuit of Democrats is such that statists offer an assist to libertarian thought; those who want to rewrite the second amendment of the American Constitution, the one on the freedom to own weapons, pushes citizens to arm themselves even more. Joe Biden's advantage over Trump, which is also recorded by CNN , which is anything but objective when it comes to the president in charge, is likely to turn out to be similar to that of Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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