Third Italian airport for Iran Air. Double risk: health (coronavirus) and security (terrorism)

According to Il Sole 24 Ore , from the first of July there will be three weekly Iran Air flights that will connect Tehran with Rimini. This is the result of an agreement reached between the Iranian regime and AIRiminum , the company that manages Rimini-San Marino airport (Federico Fellini airport). With this agreement, three Italian airports will now guarantee access to the Iranian flag carrier: before Rimini, in fact, Iran Air was already flying over Milan Malpensa and Rome Fiumicino. The official objective of the agreement, of course, is to encourage Iranian tourism in Italy, just as Rimini – the sun always remembers – acted as a forerunner towards Russian tourism in the beautiful country.

Unfortunately, the problems of this agreement are different, but we highlight two in particular.

The first is health: the coronavirus crisis in Iran is far from over. Worse, nobody is able to give a true definition, given that the Islamic Republic hides the real numbers of the infection, which probably today is no longer even able to collect. As is known, Tehran initially refused to implement the lockdown , especially of the epicenter of the coronavirus in the country, or the holy city of Qom. When he did, it was too late. Worse, Tehran has never stopped the flights of the Pasdaran airline, Mahan Air , between Iran and China, contributing not only to the import of the virus from Beijing, but also to the export of the virus to other countries in the region (since the Mahan Air still travels to Iraq, Lebanon and Syria). After implementing the lockdown for a few weeks, Iran then reopened everything for economic reasons. The result was a second wave of viruses, with thousands of new ones infected in a few days. Ergo, thus opening up to Iran, Emilia Romagna is likely to catch a wave of coronavirus positives from the Islamic Republic, which will risk infecting not only the Emilian (and San Marino), but also other Italians and Europeans, if by chance it is of tourists who will not stop only in Emilia Romagna …

The second issue is inherent in Iran Air . It is a flag carrier which has nothing different from Mahan Air . As will be remembered, the latter was stopped in Europe for its relations with the Iranian Pasdaran, since it served as an airline for the transfer of Shiite jihadists from Iran to Syria (despite being a civilian and non-military company). Iran Air does exactly the same thing, and for these reasons this airline is also included in the American sanctions list, re-included in the list in November 2018 .

There is therefore also a security problem, because – as for Rome and Milan – Pasdaran commanders could arrive in Italy and go around freely organizing attacks against sensitive targets. Recall that in the past two years the Iranian regime has tried several times to organize terrorist attacks in Europe, also trying to kill Italian MPs who participated in an event of the Iranian opposition in Paris. Attacks organized under the direction of diplomats from Tehran, accredited to the European representations, often as "simple" cultural attaches … in reality they are obviously members of the Qods Force.

With the increase in international tensions and social tensions within the various countries due to the coronavirus crisis, the risks of general instability could favor a regime that aims to divide the western world. The risk that our country runs with Iran Air is double: not only health, but also security. A welding between the Pasdaran and the Iranian clergy and anti-system forces present in the West (both right and extreme left) would have truly terrifying results. Considering our history, we are sure that it is not necessary to explain precisely to the Italian management what these risks are …

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