Twitter claims its double standard: they censure Trump, but not Khamenei who praises genocide

We do not believe in telling this: on 29 July there was a hearing in the Israeli Parliament – the Knesset – in which the Twitter manager, Ylwa Pettersson, was heard. During the hearing, Petterson was asked to account for Twitter 's double standard in the tweet censorship process. On the one hand, in fact, the popular social network has censored several Trump tweets as known about the protests and looting following the death of George Floyd, on charges of inciting violence. In another respect, however, Twitter never censored Khamenei's tweets, in which the Iranian Supreme Guide took anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist positions, denied the Holocaust and called for the destruction of Israel. This no, it was not considered incitement to violence …

Pressed on the subject, Petterson has in fact admitted and claimed the incredible double standard, justifying it (with somewhat confused words) with the factual soft approach of Twitter towards the positions of public figures related to foreign, military and economic policy issues . This explanation obviously did not convince the Israeli parliamentarians present. It is no coincidence that the deputy Michal Cotler-Wunsh immediately intervened, who asked – to better understand – how it is possible for Twitter to invoke the genocide is ok, while commenting on some political situations in some countries is not.

To this question, Petterson replied that "if a world leader violates our rules, but there is a clear interest in keeping the service updated, Twitter could insert a notice informing about the violation, but keep the tweet visible for those who want to see that kind of content. " "In addition to the warning message – continued Petterson – Twitter can disable certain functions such as " likes " , while deciding not to remove the tweet, so that citizens can see what their leaders say" and remark their responsibilities.

This second response from Petterson is only partially convincing. Khamenei's tweets in fact always remain visible, without any initial "warning" and without the like and comment functions being disabled. It would convince, if it were valid for everyone, the theme of "accountability" , that is, not censoring a tweet so that what the leaders affirmed will remain imprinted on social networks and so you can ask them for their statements and threats.

And here the ball should go from Twitter to the international community. Twitter is wrong to have a double standard between President Trump and Ayatollah Khamenei. It is wrong to censor the first one, while not even disabling likes and comments to the tweets of the Iranian Supreme Guide. But the tweets must remain public, so that the Islamic Republic is called upon to answer for its denial, anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist positions. Too bad – and here the fault is certainly not Twitter – that Tehran does not incur any political and diplomatic sanction for its repeated threats to Israel and its Arab neighbors.

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