Western suicide: multiculturalism is deconstructing our societies

The abysmal difference between the theory and practice of multiculturalism. It is taken for granted that cultures are naturally brought to dialogue, but this is not the case: they are often bearers of opposite and irreconcilable values

We can talk endlessly about multiculturalism, its positive aspects (in my opinion very few) and negative ones (in my opinion many). The representatives of the different faiths can meet as they once did in Antwerp, at the invitation of the Community of Sant'Egidio, and produce excellent declarations that invite peace and concord, immediately finding a basic understanding. And the Pope can reiterate – as indeed he must do – the uselessness of any type of war by flying white doves in St. Peter's Square. All beautiful, all shareable. Only on a theoretical level, however.

In practice, things are much more complicated. In reality, an attitude of extreme tolerance has long spread in the West that has set the boundaries of politically correct in an almost definitive way, and this attitude has established itself as an indubitable truth that cannot therefore be contested. If someone does, he runs serious risks, as the case of Magdi Allam shows, for example.

In other words, it has been taken for granted that cultures (not to use a more demanding and controversial but also more meaningful term, such as "civilization") are by their nature brought to dialogue or, as some commentators write, that they are made " to be understood ". Unfortunately for us, this is not the case, as cultures are often bearers of opposing and irreconcilable values.

However, in the situation we are currently experiencing, practical problems should be examined rather than engaging in philosophical and sociological debates. And the main practical problem facing Western nations is necessarily the following. The massive immigration into their territories, and in particular that coming from Islamic countries, has produced real cultural "islands" that are easily visible not only in large urban agglomerations, but also in provincial towns. I speak of "islands" because they are communities that claim to live in Rome, London or Paris as if they were in Baghdad, Islamabad or Riad.

In Germany there are rounds of volunteers who check in certain neighborhoods the respect of the Shari'a by the inhabitants, and the case of the preachers who incite the holy war in the many mosques that have arisen in our cities is too well known to deserve further comments. The irreconcilability of the values ​​of which I spoke a moment ago, in the absence of serious policies aimed at preventing young immigrants from living in a culturally sealed world, subsequently produced the phenomenon of jihadists with a European (but also American, or Australian) passport which we then found enrolled in Isis and other radical formations.

The real knot to be addressed, however, is yet another. They are in all respects citizens of western nations, which means – as has actually happened – that they can return, carry out bloody attacks, and then leave for the various war fronts if the police authorities cannot identify them.

It is a magmatic and chaotic scenario, terribly difficult to deal with precisely because citizenship has been granted with full hands without serious preliminary checks. It also takes note, as a meager consolation, that other European countries – the United Kingdom and France in the first place – are worse off than we Italians from this point of view.

The European Union has so far not been able to adopt a shared strategy in this regard, and it is certainly not new if we consider that there is no real common foreign and defense policy in Brussels either. Nor is it useful to continue to complain about the enormous problems caused by a multiculturalism practiced with blindfolded eyes. Rather it is necessary to make the requirements for citizenship much more stringent than they are now and, above all, we must begin to understand that citizenship itself in certain cases can and must be revoked without hesitation and without guilt complexes.

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