1100 LIVES PER DAY FOR GEORGE FLOYD? Mass protests could lead

Mass protests after George Floyd's death in Minneapolis took place when the Covid-19 epidemic was still extremely virulent in the US, especially in large urban centers. How wise it has been to concentrate a few million people in the square, with no cure neither for social distancing nor for masks and other safety devices, when the virus still circulates considerably we will soon see it. Seattle researcher Trevor Bedford who contributed to the isolation of the virus genome made two accounts of what the effect of the demonstrations might be for George Floyd:

Every day of protests with over 600 thousand people in the square will directly ignite 3 thousand new cases which, in cascade, will bring another 54 thousand. Trevor Bedford did the calculations on the results:

Forecasts are from 540 to 1080 more deaths for each day of protest that brought at least 600 thousand people to the streets. Doing the math we are well over 6,000 more dead for the week of full protests that have passed.

The beauty is that this fact was rather known to researchers, but 1200 "Experts" of the University of Washington signed a letter in which they claimed that demonstrations were still necessary because the major problem of "pervasive racism"

The letter from the University of Washington is a meter of blind and frankly senseless maximalism that pervades a large part of the American academic world. Could it not have manifested itself with greater security, both for public order and for the participants? Among other things, news spread that several members of the National Guard who participated in the control of the demonstrations in Washington were then tested positive for the virus, and these were soldiers present only to obey orders. Will we also have to count "Deaths for George Floyd"?

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