“31 COINCIDENCES ON THE CORONAVIRUS”. The new investigation by Francesco Amodeo.

Now that the new investigation by Francesco Amodeo "31 coincidences on the coronavirus" has gone to press, we can finally share the most important official document reported there with the readers.

This is a report prepared in 2004 by the National Intelligence Council , that is the strategic center of the intelligence community of the United States Government: we are talking about the body that provides the President with analysis of foreign and geopolitical policy. There is no more reliable source of intelligence in the world and this document is official.


The scenario that the intelligence members described in this report is based precisely on the forecast of what would have affected 2020 and stated that " globalization will be driven by powers like India and especially China against the interests of the United States ". So they ask themselves “ what will derail this process? ".
The answer is chilling.

In practice, in 2004 the main minds of US intelligence were in agreement that in 2020 globalization would be led by superpowers like China, that to stop this process would not have been a war but a pandemic that had ideally erupted on Chinese territory and that the offensive development of biological warfare agents would have made it possible to target specific systems for political and geopolitical purposes.

5G: the casus belli

In the document they also write that new technologies will be the reason for the clash between superpowers.

Few people know that in these months a technological clash between the USA and China is taking place: the casus belli is 5G as meticulously demonstrated in the book 31 Coincidences on the coronavirus.

In March 2020 Trump published on the White House website a document, reported in the book, called " 5G Security Act ", where the American president puts down on white that this technology will be " the main engine of our nation's prosperity and security in the 21st century, however, competition with China must be won at all costs . ”

Instead, the Chinese president replies: " We did everything with the awareness that we would get to the clash with the United States, " and by publishing the report Made in China 2025 where it even declares that it is ready to overtake the USA in 5 years.

American circles have recently published the report entitled " Reversal of course ": the goal would be to unseat Trump to act forcefully and stop China.

The question arises: what could stop the Chinese superpower and make the American economy explode in Trump's hands just behind the new presidential elections?
Maybe that's exactly what American intelligence foresaw in 2004, or a pandemic that broke out in China.

Further answers can be found in book 31 Coonidences on Coronavirus at the following link:


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