At Villa Pamphili they kill Mameli for the second time (by Giuseppe PALMA)

In the summer of 1849 Villa Pamphili was the subject of a clash between the French troops, in defense of the Papal States, and those of the Roman Republic run by the triumvirate of Mazzini, Armellini and Saffi. In that siege the poet Goffredo Mameli , 23 years old, author of the verses of our National Anthem, died.

Shortly before the capitulation, the Constituent Assembly managed to approve the Roman Constitution , a masterpiece that will be the basis on which the Constitution of 1948 will be born. It is no coincidence that our Constitution is in some ways considered the heir to that of 1849. Died under the blows of the French cannons, it will rise again after 99 years.

In the siege of summer 1849 , Mameli took a bullet in the leg and died a few days later of gangrene. A French cannonball stuck in a step is still visible in a staircase of the Villa.

In the escape, Giuseppe Garibaldi also lost his wife Anita , buried running for fear of being captured by the French or the Austrians.
In August 1849, captured by the Austrians, Angelo Brunetti known as Ciceruacchio and his son Lorenzo, just 11 years old, were all shot instead, all supporters of the Roman Republic and following Garibaldi.

Since yesterday Villa Pamphili has instead been the seat of the States General wanted by Conte, in defiance of both the Constitution of 1849 and that of 1948 , which know neither the "General States" nor the task force, but only Parliament , the only depositary legitimate – for both Constitutions – of popular sovereignty. The big absentee in this peddled Pd-5stelle-ItaliaViva is precisely Parliament, not because it should have participated in it , but because the fate of the country should be discussed and decided only within the elective Chambers and not in a Villa behind closed doors.

Who participates in Conte's "General States"? Stateless and faceless international capital, political-governmental labor (internal and supranational) and corporate crème (whose leaders no longer represent their associates but only themselves). People and Parliament out.

So if Villa Pamphili in 1849 was the symbol of freedom and modern constitutionalism, today it represents the Restoration . The "General States" set up by Conte talk about the modernization of the country, but in essence it is a restoration disguised as digitalization and fake modernity . The first to be sacrificed are in fact the Constitution, the Parliament, the people and democracy.

But you, yes, I speak with you, you who have washed your mouth for decades with the words Constitution, democracy and freedom, today keep silent – and in some cases endorse – this massacre . You do it out of greed, for fans or for personal interest, fearful that a possible fall of the Conte government could lead the country to early elections, and then you would no longer rule for the next thirty years. Besides, there are no more Mameli.

Parliament, democracy and the Constitution are dying today in Villa Pamphili . But what do you care? You have a scooter.

[ Giuseppe PALMA ]

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