Beccaria VS Davigo: legal culture against barbarism (by G. Palma)

The powerful councilor of the CSM, Piercamillo D'Avigo , is not new to judicialist statements.

Here are some examples : 118383 / amp / ).

In a recent broadcast on LA7, "Clean Square", he increased the dose:

" The Italian mistake has been to always say: let's wait for the sentences " ( mista- italiano-e-stato-quello-di-dire-sempre- aspettiamo -the-judgments-29-05-2020-327607 ).

An unacceptable statement on the part of those who hold an important institutional role such as that of CSM advisor.

The best answer D'Avigo deserves comes from afar, from Cesare Beccaria : “ Either the crime is certain, or uncertain: if it is certain, it is not convenient for him any other punishment than the one established by the laws, and the torments are useless, because the confession of the offender; if it is uncertain, an innocent person should not be tormented, because such is, according to the laws, a man, whose crimes are not proven "(" Of crimes and penalties ").

Principle, that expressed by Alessandro Manzoni's grandfather, enshrined in the second paragraph of art. 27 of the Constitution : " The accused is not considered guilty until the final sentence ".

D'Avigo does not represent our glorious legal culture. It is only a parenthesis of harmful justicialism .

I am with Beccaria .

Giuseppe Palma

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