The Superior Council of the Judiciary is an intrigue of politicized currents that pollute the judiciary. The problem must therefore be solved and the Minister of Justice makes a hypothesis of reform. What does the hypothesis contain? More politicization and more power to a sick organ. An excellent idea that we could also extend to medicine: do you suffer from liver? Go get drunk.

The latest revelations of Palamara in La 7 are scandalous in their banal normality: the CSM is actually a bundle of political currents, these condition the appointments, indeed directly decide them with their own political intrigues, but we still think we will do the best for the Nation because, from time to time, we guess a nomination or we think we can guess it, even if out of our "Giro", you are nobody. Admissions made live, in front of all the listeners who were able to understand what level of political corruption dominates the judicial system and which you can hear at this link . What then even the trojan used for wiretapping is curious, because, as reported by Il Riformista, it broke as soon as he heard the name of Davigo.

There is too much politicization in the CSM, and this, or amazement, does not derive so much from the 8 "lay" members, nominated by the parliament, but from the 16 "Togati" members, nominated by investigating and judging magistrates. So it takes a cure, and the minister Bonafede what he can study: more ptere at CSM and more politicization at CSM! The number of members should go from 27 to 30, in the face of the economic easing of the state, with the cancellation of the only differentiation between investigating and judging judges that exists, that is, in the appointment of the various components, and therefore a good mix is ​​back. . An attempt is therefore made to depoliticize the secular component by preventing the appointment of those who have held political positions in the previous 5 years, but nothing is done for the prevalent toga component, which has proved to be at the center of the intrigues. Not only that, CSM is also given the opportunity to supervise the offices of public prosecutors. So those who, for example, have called Salvini "A Shit", will come to supervise those who lead the accusation. A definitely balanced solution …

The Bonafede solution is bad, the politicization of the CSM responds with more politicization. The problem highlighted by the Palamara case is answered with "Più Palamara". We ask ourselves frankly who advises the Minister or if he is still acting lucidly. Solutions? Here are some:

  • uninominal colleges for the togate components of justice. Enough games of currents, that the most influential figures collide directly;
  • we evaluate a third member elected by direct universal suffrage between judges or judicial professionals, therefore also lawyers, who have certain characteristics of honor and efficiency in achieving their objectives. If careerism is to be, at least be judged by the people;
  • reduction of the parliamentary component in favor of the one with direct election;
  • absolute transparency in judicial appointments, with publicity of nominations and appointment reports.

If we want a less politicized but more democratic CSM, at least let's try.

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