BREXIT: BARNIER IS FAILING, MERKEL WILL PUT IT aside. Yet another test of those in charge in Europe

The conduct of the Brexit negotiations by Michel Barnier, the Commission's delegate for negotiations, was at least unsuccessful. Nothing has been concluded and the current situation is that of a rebound of accusations and offenses between the British and European sides. Barnier proved too rigid, unable to compromise and left a worse situation than in January.

Fortunately, reinforcements arrive: according to what reported by Express, Chancellor Merkel, frustrated by the bankruptcies of Barnier, now isolated in the European headquarters, is preparing to support and replace the French in the negotiations with the United Kingdom which, let us remember, must be concluded within on October 31, 2020.

Everyone expects Ms. Merkel to bring some realism and common sense into a negotiation hitherto carried out only on the basis of a senseless European ideological maximalism. The Chancellor is well aware that a hard brexit at the end of the year, without an agreement between the parties, would mean a worsening of the economic situation for Germany which would add to the difficulties due to Covid, making everything more complicated. It is hoped that his pragmatism will undo the many knots still open such as:

  • the problem of British fishing areas which the United Kingdom considers to be its own and no longer to be granted to other European countries such as France and the Netherlands, which currently exploit them in an uncontrolled way;
  • competition agreements, where the EU would like the United Kingdom to be subject to all EU regulations and even to certain decisions of the Court of Justice;
  • police collaboration;

We'll see if Merkel manages to close an agreement.

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BREXIT: BARNIER IS FAILING, MERKEL WILL PUT IT DOWN. Yet another proof of those in charge in Europe comes from .

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