“Covid-19, distance learning and charter school: divide et impera!” by R. SALOMONE-MEGNA

There is great uncertainty about the origins of covid-19. Some think it's an engineered virus, others think it's an unpleasant natural occurrence. Honestly, this batracomiomachia does not interest us much, but what is extremely interesting are the effects it is producing at national and international level and which deserve careful consideration.

As regards Italy, but also many other countries, the exogenous and endogenous events caused by the virus are intimately connected. In the background there is the creation of the "novus ordo saeculorum", a meaningful expression used by Virgil in his Bucoliche, but which has become the motto par excellence of the US hegemony in the world. The purpose of the ruling class of the USA, both democratic and republican, is the supremacy in the world government of the economy, based on the theories of Milton Friedman and associates, in order to make the super rich even richer at the expense of the vast majority of the population of the planet.

In fact, all nations that want to maintain decent relations with the USA must apply the economic and financial principles of the "Washington consensus", that is, of the institutions that are based in the same city of Washington, such as the IMF, the World Bank and the Treasury Department of the United States of America, principles that we can summarize as the neoliberal summa.

Next to these institutions there are, as always, the economic-financial lobbies, the deep state, the giants of the internet, the multinationals, which are trying to make great profits from any disaster.

It's what Naomi Klein calls disaster capitalism and we've seen at work since the early seventies of the last century. Certainly the covid-19 epidemic will also be used for this purpose and these power groups will push governments towards cheaper choices for them, regardless of having to pursue the common good of the affected populations.

We are talking about Italy and, leaving aside the economic situation that has arisen with the forced closure of all production activities, which will be subject to further study, a concrete example of the above comes from the school world in the current emergency situation.

In fact, we can certainly say that among the excellent deaths attributable to covid-19 there is democracy in schools. The collegial bodies in this period have been effectively de-authorized, indeed they no longer exist; every school manager, also on the basis of ministerial provisions which are often confused and confusing, "obtorto collo" has become the "deus ex machina" of a new form of teaching, distance learning.

Distance learning, otherwise referred to as DAD, yet another acronym that adds to the endless array of sterile and vacant acronyms used in the school, was the cornerstone of freedom of teaching and school democracy. Teachers were required to review their teaching programming, also with reference to the key competences established by the European recommendations, and to evaluate the learners according to indications that limit and conceal the freedom of teaching enshrined in the Constitution. The Italian school, the last bulwark of resistance to the prevailing single thought, has been annihilated by a control operated on individuals, like the Orwellian big brother, falling into a digital feudalism.

Like hawks, Google, Microsoft, Cisco have rushed to provide both the platforms for sharing the content and, in some cases, to suggest the contents of the D.AD itself. And everything is heralded as inevitable and necessary for the common good .

Are those who pursue the "novus ordo saeculorum" real philanthropists?

In the United States, to be a philanthropist, you must also be multi-billionaire, on the other hand, even children know that when he takes off his super hero costume, he becomes Captain of Industry Bruce Wayne of Gotham City. Among the various ultra-billionaire philanthropists, who are showing off themselves in these days, such as Soros of the Open Society Foundation, Bezos of Amazon, Zuckerberg of Facebook, Pichai of Google, the one that is most disturbing is Bill Gates. In fact Bill Gates, a convinced Malthusian, on the one hand is interested with his foundation "Bill and Melinda Gates" of vaccines and on the other hand now enters schools, thanks to Microsoft. Google also has great interests in the production of vaccines, owning Glaxo, the world leader in the sector.

Without these clarifications, nothing is free on the internet. When a service apparently does not require a fee, we are certainly paying with our data and information about ourselves that we are forced to release to those who provide us with the service.

The Italian school has put itself, in good or bad faith, in the hands of IT multinationals. This is a tragedy within a tragedy, as it could be a deadly hug. An absolute control over the times, ways and contents of the teaching that conceals its freedom. The more the emergency continues, the more prescriptions and dictates rage that spread like cancerous metastases in the Italian school. What will be the next step?

The goal is the creation of charter schools, designed by Milton Friedman and which spread in the state of Louisiana after the 2005 New Orleans flood and which Bill Gates advocates everywhere. But what are charter schools?

They are state schools run by private individuals. Those who attend them do not have to pay anything, since all expenses are borne by the state, but school employees are not state employees, having entered into an employment contract with the school itself. The school signs an agreement with the local administration, in fact charter, which establishes the objectives that it must pursue in a certain period of time.

At this point this question is legitimate: how were the results achieved? They were not unique: perhaps satisfactory in the most gifted economic areas and unsatisfactory in the most deprived ones. But the goal that was pursued in full was the general weakening of union representatives in schools, in the vast majority of which there are no longer unionized workers. Strict ownership control over all employees. If this system is applied in Italy, all constitutional and union protection for teachers would disappear. The school would no longer be the place of confrontation and free thought, but that of the single dominant thought.

So it happened in Louisiana and so it could happen in Italy.

After all, disaster capitalism serves this purpose: to make acceptable, thanks to the emergency, choices that in normal times the community would consider unacceptable.

To say it with Bennato "all lined up for three and always answer yes and behave like a civilized person".


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