COVID-19: out of 286 positive 133 cases are irregular migrants in Treviso. And they condemned Salvini …

Yesterday the data showed an increase in Covid-19 cases in Italy, almost following a consolidated trend, and at a much more serious level, in France, Germany, Spain and Belgium. In Germany, for example, 900 cases were registered. Badly common half joy?

ANSA talks about an increase in the number of infections that passed on July 30 to 386, from 286 the previous day. Well, indeed bad, with 100 more cases it seems the serious reversal of a downward trend. Then it turns out that of these 386 new infections 1 33 are all irregular migrants or persons in charge of their care transferred to a Treviso barracks and all positive healthy carriers! To these would be added a dozen similar cases scattered between Sicily and southern Italy. If we remove these “Irregular Imported” cases, the trend continues stable or decreasing.

The thing that would be fun if it were not tragic: the government welcomes indiscriminately, objectively inviting the slave traders and the "Tunisian irregular tourists", with dogs in tow, to increase their business and transfers to Italy. These people arrive uncontrolled and often sick, increase the infections, and then the government, on the basis of the same infections, maintains the restrictive measures and the state of emergency! ! Practically it seems that the infections are imported to justify a continuation of an emergency situation, an old technique, of which regimes were not properly democratic masters.

In this incredible situation, which shows the degree of crisis of our democracy, the only one who tried to stop the flows when he was interior minister is sent to trial. on the other hand, the TV is full of Piddini who blather about "Blocking the flows", just them who have reopened them! The usual, banal question always remains: how long will this situation be tolerated?

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COVID-19: 133 out of 286 positive cases are irregular migrants in Treviso. And they condemned Salvini … he comes from .

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