DE LUCA JUNIOR: THE ARROGANCE OF THE IGNORING HEM. Now you understand why we go to Ramengo

It is said that the apple does not fall far from the tree, and when the tree is of poor quality the apple can only be rotten. Is there anyone more arrogant than the governor of Campania, Vincenzo De Luca? Yes, and it is his son, Piero, who also combines arrogance with profound ignorance, and this constitutes a devastating mix.

In itself, ignorance is not a problem: you cannot know everything, you just have to admit this reality of facts, start studying, inquire, and ignorance is a curable evil. But if it joins a street guappo arrogance then it becomes an incurable cancer.

We see in this video what happened at Omnibus 7, where the group leader of ID's European Parliament, Marco Zanni, and the Piddino undersecretary met. There is talk of a hot, indeed very hot topic: the European funds that should "Save" Italy, ie Recovery Fund, EIB funds, and SURE. Here is the video:

Zanni points out that, so far, the European Parliament has not entered the definition of the Recovery Fund, because this is being defined by the Council on the basis of Article 122 TFEU, which literally reads:

1. Without prejudice to any other procedure provided for in the Treaties, the Council, on a proposal from the Commission, may decide, in a spirit of solidarity between Member States, on the measures appropriate to the economic situation , in particular if serious difficulties arise in the supply of certain products , particularly in the energy sector.
2. If a Member State finds itself in difficulty or is seriously threatened by serious difficulties due to natural disasters or exceptional circumstances beyond its control, the Council, on a proposal from the Commission, may grant financial assistance from the Member States under certain conditions. Union to the Member State concerned. The President of the Council informs the European Parliament of the decision taken.

In emergencies, the Council of the Union, made up of political representatives from the various states, takes the helm in hand and establishes the necessary measures to deal with emergencies. Therefore, Parliament does NOT intervene in defining the instrument, but will intervene later, when it is formed and defined, discussing it and approving or rejecting it. At this point De Luca intervenes, with the arrogance of ignorance, stating that Zanni is wrong and that Parliament intervened "Because it approved the budget as per article 311". We see that article 311 TFEU says:

The Union equips itself with the means necessary to achieve its objectives and to bring its policies to fruition. Without prejudice to other revenue, the budget is financed entirely from own resources. The Council, acting under a special legislative procedure, unanimously and after consulting the European Parliament, adopts a decision establishing the provisions relating to the system of the Union's own resources. In this context, it is possible to establish new categories of own resources or to delete an existing category. This decision enters into force only after approval by the Member States in accordance with their respective constitutional rules.
The Council, acting by means of regulations according to a special legislative procedure, establishes the implementing measures for the Union's own resources system to the extent that this is foreseen in the decision adopted on the basis of the third paragraph. The Council acts after approval by the European Parliament.

Article 311 talks about the procedure for approving the Union's budget which is, however, prepared by the Council and then presented to parliament for consultation. Now with the Recovery Fund there is a basic problem: how could it ever be budgeted, when the Entity was not decided? In addition, the budget approval procedure, an ordinary procedure has nothing to do with the emergency procedure of art. 122 TFEU.

The discussion then continues by presenting the real situation, known to most, of the EIB and SURE funds, theoretically existing, but not operational until the relative guarantees are provided by all European countries. De Luca insists that the Italian government has allocated the guarantees, without understanding, or without wanting to understand, that it is not an Italian problem, but of the other 26 states of the Union …

Now you can also live without knowing the TFEU, the Treaty of Operation of the European Union, even if this is a bit serious for an undersecretary. What is not acceptable is the arrogance of ignorance and the will to impose it on others. If a representative of the government wanted to show off the reasons why Italy is on the verge of disaster due to a superficial and unprepared government, he did very well.

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