DEAR AMERICANS, DOWN THE HANDS OF COLOMBO: if you don’t like it, give it back to us, it will always have a homeland with us

Christopher Columbus was not particularly lucky in life, and he does not seem to be even after death. In life he was persecuted by the envious, who made him lose his positions. In death, his discovery was repeatedly backdated. Yet it would be enough to consider Columbus as a man of his time, that is, of a brilliant but cruel period, the one in which Pope was, just to understand us, Alessandro Borgia and in which Italy was governed by splendidly unscrupulous Lords. Columbus was the son of those times, but he had courage and seafaring skills that allowed him to do the business for which he is remembered and for this he is remembered. Furthermore, willingly or unwillingly, his venture marked the end of one era and the beginning of another, on the contrary here what happened with the Vikings, whose discovery had no lasting effects.

Christopher Columbus then has a second meaning in the USA: it is one of the symbols of the Italian American community. Also for this reason his statues are scattered all over the USA, because they are a tribute to an active community that has given so much to the development of the USA.

Now, in the madness of cultural destruction that has caught the USA, they have started to destroy the statues of Christopher Columbus, quite numerous:

I will see you the answers to this tweet. They are chilling and explain the reason for this stupid vandalism: the statues of Columbus are destroyed because it was he who brought European culture, for better or for worse, to the new world. The statues, which in the end remember the good sailor and the explorer, certainly not the statesman who was not, are the symbol of a society that wants to destroy, from the roots, its own democratic values ​​in the name of the prevalence of the strongest , of the most arrogant, and sincerely, of the crudest and most stupid. It is no coincidence that, to build a democratic state, the USA went back to Rome and Athens, and not, for example, to Cairo or Beijing: those who did not even know where democracy was at home. Yet they destroy the statues of Christopher Columbus, thus also rejecting a good part of the history and art of the world.

However, if you don't like statues, you should destroy them by becoming the last of a people who have left nothing, the Vandals, you can simply send them back to their home in Genoa. If, on the other hand, these gestures are directed against the Italian-American community, this is always welcome in his motherland. Let the US Dems destroy what the US has built in two centuries of history, even with your help, and return to Italy: we will welcome you with open arms.

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THE DEAR AMERICANS article , DOWN YOUR HANDS FROM COLOMBO: if you don't like it, give it back to us, we will always have a homeland from .

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