DEMOCRACY DOES NOT REQUIRE “ACTS FROM FE”: the incredible journalist in the interview with Salvini

We offer you the interview with L'aria che Tira by Matteo Salvini by Myrta Merlino. Incredible not so much for what Matteo Salvini says, which continues on his line of consistency, as for the things that are heard to say to the presenter. Things like that:

"Conte is still very loved by Italians" but I would like to take you for a walk to the supermarket….

The push continues towards a government program of "National Unity" which is neither in heaven nor on earth;

"Until you say Europe is my home, you won't go back to Palazzo Chigi" (minute 16). We underline this sentence: for the average Europeanist it is necessary to make a self-drive in order to go to the government. Either proclaim your absolute loyalty to the Sire of Brussels, or count for nothing. These are VERY SERIOUS phrases for democracy, but indicative of how you think a certain media circus where you cannot access unless you first shout your "Believe, Obey, Fight"

For the rest, Salvini shows his usual concreteness and knowledge of practical problems. He speaks not for Merlin, for the minority of the left ZTL, but for the mass of people, for which he speaks of problems that are faced daily: the money that is missing, the contributions that have not arrived, the taxes. The "General States" do not particularly excite him, also because he does not understand what one should talk about. China would deserve a commission of inquiry to find out if it has responsibility for Covid.

Anyway we thank Inriverente and wish you a good listening!

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