Yesterday the guidelines of the next dictatorship that will govern Italy were launched, but, contrary to what happened in the past, this did not happen in the darkness of some South American barracks, among the military, but in the sunlight, in the luxurious background of Villa Doria Pamphili.

It was enough to hear the speeches of the various Sassoli and Von Der Leyen to understand that yesterday Italy, through the President of the Conte Council, completely ceded its sovereignty, obliging itself to apply a series of useless, if not harmful, European policies without even discuss them in depth, in order to see the power of a failed, foolish, incapable and sold ruling class confirmed .

What did we talk about? The Commission will provide resources with the Recovery Fund, but as confirmed, the resources will still be in due time, i.e. mid 2021, and in any case extremely conditional, practically under dictation of its use. As explained by the speakers:

  • resources are aimed at extremely binding European policies, such as the famous “Green Deal” investments;
  • resources are "Public Money", therefore they must be spent efficiently;
  • therefore, the Commission has every right to control its destination and the efficiency of spending.

We could already dispute the fact that these "Public Money" are actually Italian money, obtained from taxes paid by the Italians to the Italian State, therefore indirectly, or directly with future taxes on fuel, non-green energy, import duties or various taxes and fees under discussion now. So this money is "finalized", on which the Italian Parliament can say nothing. Not only that: today this investment plan is presented to the "Stakeholders", a bad neologism to indicate the social partners. And the Parliament? The room? The Senate? Everything that is an expression of the democratic political game is ignored and canceled.

For this we can speak, without any problem of a serious contestation, of end of democracy and of victory of the Dictatorship, indeed, precisely for this hint to the "Stakeholders", we could specify "Corporate Dictatorship". Like any good dictatorship, this alongside the casual use of the police, as happens with the application of the DPCM, also of the police squads, only that these often reside in the editorial offices of newspapers or pontificate on television, but in any case do not save batons to the news and truth.

The fate is ironic, because the destruction of democracy and the birth of the Dictatorship are the daughters of a party called "Democrat", and of a movement born to even establish direct Democracy. The former too attached to power to be able to apply democracy, the latter now self-destructed and in full crisis of self-dispute. A sad, very sad end for Democracy, which the Italians, afraid, beaten and bent over, attend as mere spectators.

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