DIGI: MIDDLE EAST PROVINCE. How the mad migration policy has destroyed a quiet city in the French province

Once upon a time there was a quiet town in Burgundy, Dijon, known mostly for its sauces and because Garibaldi fought his last battle there. Today this provincial reality no longer exists, replaced by a sort of Middle Eastern battlefield where several imported mafias face each other, with firearms or unrestrained violence.

Last week, Friday, the Maghrebian mafia attacked and beaten a 16-year-old Chechen boy. Caucasian is a very unique community with links to organized crime as well as a great military practice and it was easy for them to organize a punitive mission. Between Saturday and Sunday 200 Chechens, often fully armed, gathered and stormed the Maghreb neighborhoods, burning cars, destroying and seeking an open confrontation.

You can see the result in these images:

GTA through the city streets:

Weapons sold and distributed on the streets as if they were sweet …

The Chinese community then joined the Chechen community against the Maghrebi:

Nice outline of burnt cars…

The clashes subsided on Tuesday, but not because of the police intervention, but because the communities agreed on a ceasefire … Of course until next time.

There are sections of France where no law exists any more, others where a law which is no longer that of the Republic applies, all thanks to a senseless migratory polyric. Now France is only a ground for a gang war, with the police practically without power …

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