DO YOU WANT TO PAPPARE ITALIAN HIGHWAYS? Germany creates a public highway giant. Want to expand against the colonies?

Yesterday, during the final conference of the disappointing bilateral Conte – Merkel, was enlivened by a rather precise and curious question from the Chancellor: “There has been a lot of talk about highways today here. I am really curious how tomorrow's Council of Ministers will go. " Why does the German Chancellor deal with Italian motorways?

The most trivial reason could be Allianz's participation in ASPI; minority, perhaps incremental as part of a shareholding restructuring plan, does not in itself seem to deserve a mention in an official meeting. The question could be quite different.

The Federal Minister of Transport wants to combine the administration of the motorways into a new company: on 1 January Stephan Krenz , CEO of the Die Autobahn of the Bundes, will take over responsibility for all the 13,000 km of motorway network in Germany. But the creation of Die Autobahn GmbH has caused strong controversy and discussions with Andreas Scheuer (CSU), the German transport minister, all for a totally unjustified explosion of consultancy costs that have literally skyrocketed with the intervention of the German Court of Auditors, the Federal Audit Office.,

In the meantime, however, Germany has transferred all the motorways previously controlled by the Landers under federal control and thus building a company of enormous dimensions that focuses on the production, design, management and maintenance of the German motorway network. More than 10 thousand currently public employees will go to Die Autobahn GmbH which, although under public control, is a company governed by private law, and this completely changes the status of workers.

In Germany, the huge costs for consultancy related to restructuring, more than 24 million, and the fatty fees for those who carried out the mergers, but in Italy we should pay attention to a very different danger: how it prevents a company German private law, although controlled by the public, to take over the management of the Italian motorways, which are a real Cash Cow, a cash cow to be milked, capable of creating huge financial flows at the expense of the Italians. The Germans have a problem of keeping their highways efficient and without tariffs. What prevents Autobahn from taking control of ASPI, and therefore using part of the technical structures already created in Germany to manage it and thus bringing the sharing shares deriving from our tariffs to Berlin? A government that is not in the hands of the government would place strict constraints on concessions, or nationalize directly, but we know how much Conte loves kissing Merkel's hands and feet. Colonies can't choose ..

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