DON’T YOU HAVE THE POLICE? NO GOODS. US truckers do not want to go to cities that reduce or dissolve law enforcement

A popular APP used by the drivers of Stars and Stripes heavy vehicles, the famous "18 wheels", asked its users if they intend to deliver the goods to cities where the police force has been dissolved or reduced according to the so-called "Defunding", that is, the cut of the allocated funds.

The results were very clear about the truckers' intentions:

79% of US hauliers intend not to deliver goods to cities where police forces have been disbanded or reduced.

The comments of the transport professionals have been very clear and unequivocal:

As an American truck driver, I feel we have the power to stop everything that's going on! Park your truck until RIOTs stop, ”wrote the Albert T Pearl app user.

" Unless my company allows me to carry my gun on the truck, I won't transport it to these cities, " wrote Robert Adkins.

" Fuck those liberal assholes ," wrote David Simpson.

" No cops = more violence and robberies ", Scott Cuellar.

No, I won't make deliveries to an area with a loose police department. My life also matters and I work for my family, ”says Casnpaper.

I just refused a shipment from Miami to Saint Paul and paid $ 3800 in penalties. My life is worth more than anything else , ”confirms Carlos Barreras.

" No load is worth my life, " wrote Eddie Bean.

This survey takes place a week after the major demonstrations for the death of George Fkoyd, which saw looting in large areas of the country, especially where the police withdrew, with scenes from Mad Max.

For example, these characters are looting a Truck UPS in Minneapolis:

This instead is the looting of a Fed-Ex truck, after the death of the driver killed by the crowd "Why didn't he stop"

Rail transport is also affected. Check out this INCREDIBLE scene of a train being looted while on the move, with its load of televisions and electronic material "Taking Flight".

Why should TIR drivers risk their lives to bring goods to unsafe areas? The result of the BLM protests and the related dissolution and defunding of the police force will be a scarcity or increase in the costs of certain, above all expensive, goods from outside. An extra tax for the population, but all in favor of equality!

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