EIB: yet another EU flop, the money for loans to medium and small businesses ran out. Speech by Valentino Grant

One of the "pillars" of the European action for the recovery of the post-COVID European economy was the EIB, the European Investment Bank which, in the plans of the Commission and above all of our fearless Prime Minister, should have acted as a catalyst for investments, even if not above all, towards medium-sized companies. The idea was that the EIB funds would go to the banks that would then have to finance small and medium-sized companies on European-level projects … Too bad that this money is not there, or rather it is not there if the states will not provide it, with the usual, yet another, round game whereby the money of the states does not go immediately to the companies, but, according to Conte and Europe, they have to make an absurd tour through the institutions of Brussels. The director himself, Werner Hoyer says so in an interview. A ridiculous situation!

“For months we have been denouncing that the proposals for solutions put in place by the EU to deal with the economic crisis generated by the Covid emergency are inadequate. The alarm of the President of the European Investment Bank, Werner Hoyer, also arrives this morning in an interview with the Press, in which he specifies that without capital increase the EIB will have to stop lending to countries affected by the coronavirus pandemic ". So Lega's Euro MP, Valentino Grant, stressing that 'Italian companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, are in a liquidity crisis and without adequate support we are heading for a disastrous situation ". "Today more than ever to give immediate answers to companies you need an effective intervention by the ECB, only in this way you can get out of this tunnel and restart the business world ", concludes the European MEP

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