Did you know that the EU subsidizes, and has subsidized, with abundance Erdogan's Turkey? All this not only in connection with the blackmail of migrants, as happened with the 6 billion donated since 2015, but also with the so-called funds for the preparation of entry into the EU, when, as it happened, there is no desire to bring ankara into the EU. Vincenzo Sofo, ID MEP, spoke on this issue during the last plenary.

From 2002 to today we have given Turkey over 16 billion euros to bring it into Europe and to manage the immigration problem for us. We allowed Erdogan to keep us under blackmail with the threat of migrants in the Balkans. Now we risk the same fate in the Mediterranean, where the Turkish advance foments chaos and their NGOs indoctrinate peoples to the neo-Ottoman ideology ". This was stated by Vincenzo Sofo, MEP of the League, in his speech during the plenary session of the European Parliament. " The EU that is having so many problems in helping Italy economically should ask itself what those 16 billion are worth: not to grow the European project, but to grow Erdogan's imperial projects – he continues -. It is suicidal to outsource the management of Europe's borders to those who want to weaken it, just as it is utopian to hope to stabilize the Mediterranean with those who want to conquer this sea ". According to Sofo "the solution is not to continue to kiss Turkey's feet, but to strengthen France, Spain, Greece and especially Italy, with its South, politically and economically, the only true custodians of the security and future of Europe in the Mediterranean . The Mediterranean is the Mare Nostrum and it will not be the neo-Ottoman project that will guarantee its prosperity, but the project of a Latin Europe ”.

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