FRENCH ELECTIONS: DEAD MACRON WALKING. Centrism canceled between RN, abstention and left Green


Macron comes out heavily downsized by the French municipal elections.

The main data is the very strong abstention. The abstentions increased by 18%, pushing the voting participants well below 50%. Duty of masks, fear and little appeal of the candidates did their job.

The greens have done nothing in many large cities: Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Poitiers, Tours and Besançon have gone to the greens. Marseille was of the Les Repubblicaines, which are greatly reduced. The Macronian party. Only Prime Minister Philippe conquers Le Havre, In Paris confirmed the socialist Hidalgo, with the candidate LREM only in third position. Le Pen's RN confirms Perpignan and Bruay LaBrussiere. In the North, oltee to several towns.

If this was to be an electoral test, he sees the Macronian center, "The moderate national agreement", heavily scaled down and practically beaten by a leftist opposition that often brought together green and communist or radical souls. The government candidates were almost always losers with great detachment from the winners, as was the case in Paris. Macron did not persuade the moderates to go to the polls or vote for him, and the sovereign danger no longer works. Indeed, his inability to reunite the center-right is becoming embarrassing. It would be better to abandon the idea of ​​early elections.

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