From Parliament to the “General States”: the restoration of the establishment (Giuseppe Palma on Byoblu24 – VIDEO)

Last night in transmission on ByoBlu24 I talked about BTP Italia , MES , Recovery Fund , but above all about how this government – setting up taskforce and States General – has effectively de-empowered Parliament , the only and legitimate depositary of popular sovereignty.

Task force and General States, atypical bodies completely unknown to the Constitution.

The so-called General States therefore replace the Parliament , the only legitimate seat in which popular sovereignty can be exercised by the Constitution . A legal and constitutional aberration . Trying to make a historical experiment, in these " General States " the first state is represented by international capital, stateless and faceless, the second state by political-governmental labor (internal and supranational), while the third state (left out !! !) is Parliament . The fourth state , the people, completely ignored. Parliamentary oppositions did well not to participate.

Also, among the topics covered, why is the government pushing for the ESM and not placing BTP sufficiently to market demand?

Below is the VIDEO of the interview that I gave last night to ByoBlu24 , in transmission with Alberto Micalizzi and Claudio Messora.
At the end of the video a surprise. Good vision :

Giuseppe Palma

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Literary tips :

A) by Paolo Becchi and Giuseppe Palma, “ QUARANTINE DEMOCRACY. How a virus has swept the country “, Historica edizioni.

Here are the purchase links :

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B) by Giuseppe Palma, “ DANTE – from language to homeland. In the eighteenth century of death (1321-2021) we are still Children of the thirteenth century ” , Gds edizioni.

Here the link for the purchase (paper and e-book) :

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