From the Humanism of Dante and Petrarch to the post-virus anthropological change (by G. Palma – VIDEO)

Below is a video of mine , published on the youtube channel of the philosopher and friend Diego Fusaro, in which I try to open a reflection on one of the most serious risks of the post-virus era : the ANTHROPOLOGICAL CHANGE , the definitive end of Dante 's Humanism and Petrarch of which we are still children.

Good vision :

Giuseppe Palma

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Literary tips :

A) by Paolo Becchi and Giuseppe Palma, “ QUARANTINE DEMOCRACY. How a virus has swept the country “, Historica edizioni.

Here are the purchase links :

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B) by Giuseppe Palma, “ DANTE – from language to homeland. In the eighteenth century of death (1321-2021) we are still Children of the thirteenth century ” , Gds edizioni.

Here the link for the purchase (paper and e-book) :

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