Giulia Bongiorno’s phenomenal harangue in the Senate

The lawyer Giulia Bongiorno made a real harangue in the Senate, in the "Salvini case". He does it with deep knowledge of the matter: we see that we are faced with one of the best criminal lawyers in the Peninsula. At the same time you feel the heat of the struggle for truth and to prove the innocence of a person, as if he were an ordinary person.

in listening to his words, we invite you to focus on two points:

  • the fact that the Palamara system, that is, that highly politicized part of justice, specifically required that Salvini go to trial. They clearly say it “WE MUST attack Salvini. The point is so strong that any file affecting the interior minister is immediately communicated to Palamara.
  • The fact that identical cases are judged differently according to the political moment.

Listening to the lawyer Bongiorno is a pleasure for the mind and for those who still love culture, and for this we allow ourselves to offer it to you.

And as always we thank Inriverente

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