GOODBYE PARMESAN AND HAM. THE EU WANTS TO DESTROY HEALTHY ITALIAN FOOD. “Farm to Fork”, a gift to the great industrial producers of Northern Europe, supported by the PD.

One of the least known but most devastating parts of the Green Deal is called "From farm to fork", a strategy, designed by the commission, to redesign the entire European food system. a series of concepts that were taken for granted, such as the quality and safety of food production, the certainty of their availability, the designation of origin, the fact of using consolidated and safe recipes, is canceled in favor of a series of new "Principles", when it is good, and "Precocetti", when it is bad.

Let's see what "From farm to fork" contains:

  • within a few years 25% of the production must be organic, even if there will not be adequate demand. This will degrade the true biological;
  • there is a condemnation for everything that is of animal origin, including traditional Italian products such as cold cuts and cheeses. They are condemned in a preconceived way, even when they do not come from highly intensive farms;
  • an unjustified push towards vegetable products which, however, can be manipulated even more than what happens to animal products. Recall that some highly toxic products, such as saturated fat rich oils, are of vegetable origin.
  • a "Circular Economy" which will result in a sharp increase in costs for companies, without any objective benefit for the consumer;
  • a regime of HEAVY TAX for products of animal origin (cheeses and salami) which will seriously damage them.

The Commission with farm to Fork wants a paradigm shift that will punish traditional Mediterranean products, consumed for centuries, such as cured meats or cheeses like parmesan, in favor of INDUSTRIAL products, albeit of vegetable origin, whose qualities are doubtful and all to try. A real DECLARATION OF WAR against Spain, Italy, Greece, France wanted by a person we name and surname: SOCIALIST JENS TIMMERMANN, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE COMMISSION and as SOCIALIST companion of (vegan) PD snacks. Instead of meeting the associations of producers in the sector, especially from the Mediterranean area, the latter to postpone Fork to Farm to overcome the effects of COVID-19 on the sector, instead imposed an ACCELERATION that will lead to the closure of many companies and the disappearance of many traditional products.

What you ignore is that from 2021 the REFORMULATION OF PRODUCT INGREDIENTS will be imposed. That is, traditional products should CHANGE THEIR FORMULAS to be able to adapt to the orders of the commission and, perhaps include products of vegetable origin. NO MORE PARMESAN MADE ONLY OF MILK RENNET AND SALT. NO MORE RAW HAM THAN CONTROLLED THIGHS. Maybe they will impose Parmesan with soy milk.

All this takes place while the Italian government in words acts, but in practice it sleeps. The only thing that can save our food and our businesses would be STRONG POPULAR MOBILIZATION AGAINST THIS MADNESS. Especially since our farms are at the forefront as regards the ecological sustainability of production, all without the need for unnecessary forcing by Timmermann. But we know how much the ̶C̶O̶M̶U̶N̶I̶S̶T̶I̶ SOCIALISTS are maximalists and do not look at anyone in the achievement of their goals in favor of big capital.

So if you still want to eat Parmesan or a good Ham, or Pecorino, if you want our farms to survive, MOBILIZE. All against TIMMERMANN, the Dutchman who wants an end to good food and Mediterranean products.

If you read further read the WICKED FARM TO FORK CHANNEL directly HERE . Do not be fooled by the slogans and think how, really, these objectives can be pursued if not with an INDUSTRIAL MASS PRODUCTION.

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