According to Politico , Greece will not accept close supervision as a condition for receiving money from the Recovery Fund, or Next Generation Fund, quantified as 750 billion euros , as stated by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The Greek government opposes all kinds of unpopular conditions imposed on the country, similar to those imposed since 2011 during the debt crisis, when the EU-led "troika" – consisting of the Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund – "[Forced us] to reform despite the lack of domestic demand," said Mitsotakis. "The Greeks have matured a lot," said the Greek Prime Minister. "And we want to make our own reforms."

He added that other countries in the south of the EU also consider the proposal for "conditionalities" linked to money "politically unacceptable" and that they would like reforms aimed only at "improving the country's competitiveness".

" I don't think any further strict conditionality is needed ," he said, arguing that the European Commission's periodic reviews of economic results performed every six months were more than enough as a check.

The fact is that the "Miraculous" Recovery Fund, the one on which the hopes of recovery of the PD and Conte are based, the long-awaited and praised one, in addition to not yet being defined even in its broad lines, is seen by the Nordic countries , that is, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Finland and, below, also Germany only as a tool for increasing competitiveness, that is, exports, and for the usual labor and market reforms. Evidently, the Greeks are beginning to have enough of this type of reform, not wanting to be treated like the puppets of the Commission and Germany any more, but they want to find their way to growth, or at least they try.

Instead in Italy we have those who, with MES and Recovery, yearn and want external control, preferring submission to democracy. Let's be honest, Conte and the PD are a unique phenomenon in Europe and perhaps in the world.

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