Here we are! A witness saw Bill Clinton on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedo Island”

From the publication of the testimonies of trials for pedophilia connected to the deceased convicted pedophile, and millionaire VIP friend, Jeffrey Epstein, an eyewitness also emerges who, for the first time, places Bill Clinton on the island together with Epstein and the girls. The testimonials are part of a documentary that will soon be published by Netflix , and concern the testimonies on the "Dershowitz case". To speak is Steve Scully, an electrician and network technician, now seventy years old, who worked on "Little Saint James", the famous "Pedo Island".

Meanwhile, the testimonies of Virginia Giuffrè Roberts, the young girl who had been absorbed in Epstein's child circle, are disseminated

JS is who interrogates V is the witness.

JS: When you asked why Bill Clinton was there, where was he?

V On the island;

JS: When you were present with Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein on the island, who else was there?

V Ghislane (Maxwell), Emmy and two other girls I could recognize. Actually I never knew them well, they were two girls from New York.

The testimony therefore states that Clinton slept in the villas that surrounded the main property and that therefore orgies were regularly held.

The Dershowitz case is important because this person was part of the negotiations that guaranteed Epstein's immunity in 2011, a procedure then heavily contested. Bill Clinton has always denied having been on the island, but now there are many testimonials. Also Ghislane Maxwell is about to testify, and she really knows everything…. if she comes to court alive …

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