HIGHWAYS: yet another Benetton mockery with Conte’s complicity, and HIGHER RATES coming soon

The "Great Victory" of the M5s, ie the purchase, for consideration, of ASPI from Atlantia to CDP and its future listing on the stock exchange, is increasingly revealed as the biggest rip-off that the Benettons have given to Italy, thanks Conte and that these will then pass to the Italians, directly making them pay out of their pockets.

First of all, almost a month has passed, but there is no trace of Conte's phantom plan. CDP did not take over in Atlantia in the majority of the capital of ASPI, a motorway company, and the publicity process of the company has not started. A wrong plan, fundamentally wrong, for three reasons:

  • in the meantime, as well explained by Mitt Dolcino , Atlantia has depleted ASPI, drying up all the enormous liquidity and leaving it the fault of debts and at the limit of bankruptcy;
  • The Benettons, who with their greed have allowed both the disaster of the lack of maintenance and the drying up of financial resources to take place, are almost rewarded and with a full portfolio;
  • private-law companies with public and private participation operating under a monopoly have always proved incredibly voracious in defining tariffs: just look at what the various Hera and Acea cost citizens, who are always able to generate substantial continuous profits for shareholders, exploiting their position as monopolists abnormally.

Now to this half-scam, another is added: the practice does not go on, the Benettons do not snap. The hope is to remain astride ASPI for at least 2021? The reasons? :

  • despite the promises of the government and the M5s from 1 January 2021 the increases in motorway tariffs which have remained unchanged for two years will be unlocked. The Conte Benetton operation, praised as the one that would have reduced tariffs, is actually its multiplier, as you will soon see;
  • the reopening of the Genoa Bridge and the end of the works on the A-26 should restart the profitability of Liguria, the region that pays the most the pleasure of depending on the motorway network;
  • COVID-19 is shifting traffic from trains and planes to cars, seen as a safer way to travel.

So we have a trick to climb: Benetton cares Conte and Conte cares the Italians. a sort of food chain of rip-offs at the end of which the people always pay. Meanwhile, the Cinquestelle laugh….

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