HOW MUCH ITALY WAS THE FOURTH ECONOMY IN THE WORLD. The major G20 economies from 1960 to 2020

We present this short video in which we show the evolution of the G20 economy from 1960 to 2020, showing the evolution of the nominal GDP of individual countries. You will thus have the pleasure of being able to follow the evolution of the Italian economy from the rear of the 1960s to the fourth world position of the 1980s, a position maintained for several years. Without euro, getting out of terrorism, creating debt to the cause of the interests that were no longer absorbed by the monetary policy of the Bank of Italy, despite the instability, however we have grown, and much, which now seems impossible, in a hopeless country , sad, with a pure Peacock appearance and no culture followed by demagogues and bunglers. Yet it would take little to get back to those of that time, that is, to send home a bit of rabble.

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