Here is an excerpt from the interview given by Senator Roberto Calderoli to where he explains his joke that made the majority tremble and brought the government close to the fall. For the entire interview, the link is as follows:

Senator Roberto Calderoli, can you tell us from your point of view the trick he made on Thursday?
I have taken note that in the court the opposition exponents were three times those of the majority. Instead of asking for trust immediately, the government has made the undersecretary speak. So when he was back, I asked that the articles should not be examined by regulation. This is not equivalent to a suspension, but to the definitive death of the provision. Furthermore, at the beginning of the session, no one had made the request, as the M5s usually does, that all the votes were made by electronic ballot, because they already thought that there would be a vote of confidence. So I asked for a vote by a show of hands, and the President could not help but take note that the votes in favor were more than the contrary.

I mean, his trap worked. And at that point?
They took time, asking for the request for the counter-test, which normally involves the immediate closure of the classroom, so as to allow the vote only to those who were present. But right now we are also using the stands, to be able to accommodate the senators with the safe distance. Clearly, the three Quaestors manage to follow the courtroom, but not the boxes: which were empty when the vote was given with a show of hands, and they filled up at the time of the counter-test with the electronic system. This distorted the outcome of the vote. And anyway they did it for two votes only. Afterwards, suspension was requested for video reconstructions, which are partial and collectible, in the absence of a formal and institutional shot.

They had to ask for the Var, like in football matches …
The only practical test based on a scientific criterion, and not so much per kilo, would have been the verification of the connections of the tablets used by the senators in the boxes. If those who logged in after the closing time of the doors had been excluded, the result would have been reversed and at this time there would no longer be a law decree.

Not the best of fairness.
But they managed to combine another one. After the delayed voting operations, the result was proclaimed, claiming that the legal number taking into account the missions and leave was 149. I immediately contested it, because those who are on leave but then vote physically, must be counted present. They hadn't considered two, so the actual legal number would go up to 151. Then we closed at 150, but at nine o'clock last night it turned out that the legal number had not been reached. So on Friday morning we went back to vote.

And how did it end?
They did it, but only thanks to the votes of the senators for life and those of the SVP, who yesterday had not voted for one party. They called together all the camel troops, collected votes around Italy, but in any case they were unable to reach even an absolute majority.

According to news agencies, it seems that a vote of confidence had not been canceled for thirty years.
I believe there is only one precedent in which the legal number has fallen. This is the superficiality with which trust now arises, as if it were taken for granted. Instead these slips also happen.

What does this episode tell us about the status of the majority?
They risk going underneath at any moment as soon as they get distracted.

Does this government no longer have the numbers?
He can have them occasionally. But it is clear that, without the opposition, they no longer go anywhere.

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