Interview with Livio Giuliani

the liberal privatization system acts against the welfare state and standards to protect public health

curated by Francesco Cappello

With Livio Giuliani ex research director of ISPESL [Institute for research and prevention at work) of INAIL, today spokesman of ICEMES [International Commission for electromagnetic safety] we trace the history and reasons of the precautionary limit of 6 volts per meter , of which L. Giuliani was the main protagonist, and of the triple Italian protection system based on:
1. exposure limits;
2. attention values;
3. quality objectives.
… The past and present history of attempts to sabotage these limits and in this context the European approach (precautionary principle) versus the US approach (prudent avoidance). Radars, Elon Musk's Space X telecommunication satellites, 5G, 6G, 7G and more
in this FIRST PART of the interview
In the first and even more in the second part of the interview (in course of publication) it is clear how over time, the privatization system based on liberal criteria, which have regained the upper hand since the late 70s, acted and they act towards the dismantling of the welfare state and standards to protect public health, while eliminating any obstacle to the private profits of the multinationals that have replaced the large public companies, thanks to many hired, colluded and complacent politicians

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