Iran, missile site explodes … Accident or something?

In Tehran they were able to witness an impressive spectacle: in the distance, during the night, great explosions and the formation of a huge fireball were seen.

Government authorities have tried to minimize the fact, stating that it was only the explosion of a natural gas deposit located about 30 km from the city. Apart from the fact that an incident of this kind should also make the first pages of all the newspapers of that one of the action, the fact immediately appeared suspicious because the site of the explosion corresponded with some well-known Iranian military installations.

In the end, satellite photos revealed the truth: it wasn't a gas deposit that exploded, but an Iranian missile construction site.

As the image analyst points out, there is no trace of natural gas deposits, but the explosion would have involved a missile assembly or construction site located next to the main building. The Khojir missile site, already known for its links with the development of Iranian strategic weapons, exploded.

It is now known that, after the suspension of nuclear disarmament agreements also by Iran, this country has resumed the production of nuclear material for military use in volumes which, in the span of a very short time, could lead it to the possession of weapons nuclear. In this context, such an accident is at least suspect. The alternatives are as follows:

  • An accident that occurred when handling explosive materials or missile fuels;
  • A missile or drone attack by Israel or some other area power;
  • An accident caused by external agents or factors. Recall that in the past Israel has managed to sabotage nuclear sites through the use of computer hackers.

This event must however be analyzed within a growing tension between the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia on the one hand and Iran on the other. A continuous rise in tensions that could lead to a military confrontation.

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