MACRON KEEPS THE WORD: MOSCOVICI TO THE COURT OF AUDITORS (in exchange for failing to violate France)

It cannot be said that Macron is not someone who does not keep his promises to friends. In 2018, Canard Enchané wrote that the then European Commissioner for the Mascovici Budget, the one who flogged the yellow-green government, had shown himself very good with that Macron in exchange for an adequate position after his experience as Commissioner. We had written it quite directly on Economic Scenarios:

In fact, in the end, the good Moscovici had his desired armchair, and Macron respected the facts. We can see it from this image of Le Figarò where his appointment as President of the Court is announced, the famous place of 14500 euros per month …

Moscovici, as expected, obtained his post as President of the French Court of Auditors. In 2018, the Infringement procedure did not start towards a France that was much more exposed, as a deficit, than Italy: Paris reached 3% of deficit / GDP, against 1.6% of Italy. This "Peace" has been well paid by Macron, who knows his friends well …

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