#Magistropoli Let’s face it: it’s a judicial coup attempt against Salvini (by G. Palma)

The interceptions of the messages between Luca Palamara (Unicost) and Giovanni Legnini (at altitude PD), respectively at the time of the events adviser and vice-president of the CSM , which appeared yesterday on " La Verità ", are to make your skin crawl.

The vice-president of the CSM , who is essentially the acting president given that the position of president of the head of state is mostly formal, wrote to Luca Palamara on 24 August 2018 : " Luca tomorrow we have to say something about the well-known story of the ship […] etc etc "(see page 5 of The Truth of yesterday).

What did the vice-president of the CSM care about taking a position on a purely political issue towards the former Interior Minister Salvini? Legnini, like all the vice-presidents of the CSM, had the task of guaranteeing the autonomy and independence of the judiciary, not going into politics or taking political positions against members of the government or parliament.

From the new interceptions it also emerges – following Palamara's message to Luigi Patronaggio (the PM investigating Salvini): " Dear Luigi, he will also call you Legnini, we are all with you " – which in effect Legnini calls Patronage, so much so that this quest the last wrote to Palamara: " He has already called me and I am very pleased ".

Why does Legnini call Patronage? What do you care? And why does Patronaggio say that it makes him very happy? Pleasure de what ? Clearly they are rhetorical questions; the answers are intuitive.

We are at the attempted judicial coup . Bottomless suck. The balance in the separation of the powers of the state theorized by Montesquieu has disappeared.

What does the President of the Republic Mattarella expect to speak? What still needs to happen?

This judiciary must be completely eliminated.

Here is another article of mine on the topic : https://scenarieconomici.it/il-marciume-allinterno-della-magistratura-is-reaching-inaccessible- levels-the-president-of-the-public-sciolga-il-csm-di- joseph-palm /

Giuseppe Palma

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by Paolo Becchi and Giuseppe Palma, “ QUARANTINE DEMOCRACY. How a virus has swept the country “, Historica edizioni.

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