MES AND ELECTORAL LAW: The PD moves to cage the CDX

The games are done, the pitfalls set up. From here to September the final game is played for the PD, Conte and the Five Stars. The struggle is clear: a completely minority party, but led and supported from abroad, tries to maintain power at all costs the majority of Italians and the parties that represent them, all with the help of fringes of the state and communication that are, objectively, traitors.

Let's see the trap:

MES and RECOVERY FUND. On the ESM the government knows it does not have a majority. So the plan is to include Forza Italia with the excuse of the MES and make it enter the majority in a more or less stable way, maybe even with external support. The government would lose about twenty (useless for numbers) deputies and about ten (necessary) senators in exchange for a very substantial strengthening of the government. Of course the M5S would go to power no longer against the "PDL AND THE PD minus L ", as Grillo said in his proclamations, but on the contrary, it would be in government with the PD and the PDL, but what is not done for a nice chair! Unfortunately this group of people without art part of it, unfortunately accustomed to the aperitifs of Galleria Colonna, are the real current political evil of Italy. However, in this way the PD would control a majority stable enough to seriously influence the election of the President of the Republic and continue in its national overpowering government, guiding the troop of the 5-star and Forza Italia axes like a handful of national officers. The exit of wiretapping on Berlusconi are just another trap to take FI.

CAN IT WORK? A slice of FI would already be in government, the one led at home by Carfagna, which thus, for a punch of immediate power, would put a stone on the political future of the party. Why, let's be clear, we can not continue to make governments against the Italians forever … A part, also linked to regional governments, perhaps majority, would try to stay with the League. Amidst Tajani, Merkel's Gauleiter in Italy, who would still try to save what little power he has left. He would try to make it work.

BERLUSCONI BUT … But it seems that Berlusca, however exonerated, has not forgotten what has happened to him in the last 20 years. So while he may try to support the ESM and his vote in some way, he does not want to mingle with an already dead majority. Among other things, with the CDX, given the projections of the next elections, it is much more likely to influence the appointment of the President of the Republic. Then how would he manage with the 5 Stars which are his antithesis? At 84, he can afford not to be in a hurry, he has more time than the movement's 30s. We could have, if ever, some hybrid, temporary solution, but without leaving FdI and Lega out.

ELECTORAL LAW. M5s and PD are plotting for an electoral law to make them win. Usually these moves end in nothing, in the sense that they win with votes, not with laws. There is talk of proportional with a high entrance threshold, to "Inertize" Renzi and Calenda and it would be really fun to see the godchildren of the left rejected by their originating parties.

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