MONTANELLI CASE: but do you think he would really care about the statue?

Indro Montanelli managed to be a character to discuss even after he died. In the midst of pseudo-racial controversies, imported and manipulated with art, the writer and journalist journalist of Fucecchio, a well-known temper, also fell. He fell because he admitted in 1972 that when he was an officer of the "Ascari", that is, of the indigenous troops, in the Abyssinian war, he married a 12-year-old local girl.

When he told the fact Montanelli justified himself by saying that it was the local custom and that he met the girl years later, remarried with one of his former non-commissioned officers and who had given the name Indro to one of his children. This would already be enough to indicate his resentment towards him … But let us go further on these facts: the modern justicialists do, in their own way with reason, to note that he should not have committed this fact which, today, would be indicated as carnal violence. Among other things, out of thousands of Italian officers in East Africa, out of hundreds of thousands of European officers in the African colonies, those who had the courage to publicly admit these facts, admitting that, if he had been in Europe, he would have been careful not to marry a twelve years old. Even today a few tens of thousands of men take a plane for sex tourism, without even the military justification, but the problem is Indro Montanelli.

The fact is that if Montanelli were alive, he himself would be the first to want to demolish his statue: when a man becomes a statue he becomes a dead symbol, for better or for worse. His facts, his works, crystallize and become, in fact, statues, to be venerated or demolished. In his books Montanelli repeatedly described the moment when men became statues, showing him precisely in these moments when the physical and moral decline began. Seriously, why do you think Montanelli wanted to be a statue with his temper? Maddai … He would probably reserve the same contempt for those who built his statue and for those who want to demolish it. Maybe he would appreciate more who still reads his books or articles, such as those on the Winter War of 1939, or on the Repression of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. When the communist regimes tried to bring down free peoples, he was one of the few on the field to narrate what was happening with realism, yet many of those who today want to demolish his statue, at the time would have fired on the people hungry for freedom. Suffice it to recall that President Napolitano in 1956 shouted his famous speech in which he praised the Stalinist "liberating armies". Do you think Montanelli really wants a statue of him?

Instead, the reporter would probably be horrified at this:

this kind of monolith is the statue of Winston Churchill in London, packed to avoid further damage by BLM protesters. When a nation has to be ashamed of its democratic symbol, of the one who saved its democracy against Nazism, then it must really worry about its future. Here, this would have interested Montanelli, much more than his own useless statue., That is, how one can destroy the culture and civic sense of a people by bringing the brains to the heap of stupidity

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