NORWAY BLOCKS ITS APP AGAINST COVID: it violated privacy. Immune instead ..

Norway had been one of the first countries to introduce a tracking APP that was supposed to combat the spread of COVID-19. This application, called Smittestopp, "Stop the infection" had been prepared by the Norwegian Ministry of Health with the aim of collecting the data of individual people and their movements in order to be able to retrace, if necessary, more carefully the steps and the contacts of those who had tested positive. Last Friday, however, the Norwegian privacy protection authorities called the app " too invasive " and therefore the ministry stopped the APP yesterday.

The judgment of the Privacy authority was also linked to the actual usefulness of the application, when the data of the number of infected per million inhabitants remains rather low both in comparison with Italy and with the other Nordic countries:

In the end the advantages of the APP were not seen as superior to the damage to privacy for its use. Yet it had been a great success, with 1.6 million downloads on a population of 5.3 million inhabitants. Lately, however, people began to have doubts about its usefulness and the number of users had dropped to 600 thousand.

Now in Italy Immuni has launched throughout the national territory, with over 2 months delay compared to Norway. To be effective, this tool must at least be used by 60% of citizens, that is, have around thirty million downloads. Not even a country with a population as small as Norway, and with greater confidence in the state, has come close to those numbers. Immuni is likely to be yet another expensive government flop.

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