The economy requires liquidity and tax relief. The government spreads of "Firepower" to help the Italians, but, in the meantime, continues to overwhelm them with taxes, old and new.

Let's start with the most unpleasant. the IMU. The government, in perfect Jacobean style, confirms the date of June 16 for the payment of the IMU advance, with an exemption only for tourist equipment. The other areas, such as commercial activities or professional offices, will be obliged to pay the first installment. Even if the owner has not had direct collections or has not had the payment of the rents, as is often the case, he will still have to pay the tax. In the face of the "Power of fire", of the "Three financials", Gualtieri and Conte will collect about 11 billion euros, many of which paid by those who no longer receive, or have not had, and perhaps have not yet received the 600 EUR.

It's not over. An amendment has been included in the Liquidity decree by the Raciti deputies of the Democratic Party and Beef of the 5 Star Movement, which, in theory, would have the noble purpose of helping the most disadvantaged citizens, the very poor, but going to increase the weight of the bills on the poor. Practically, management costs would increase on all users, many of whom are now in serious difficulty, to lighten them to a very small slice of the poor. Then:

  • consumers could not enjoy the only advantage of the crisis, namely that of having cut energy costs;
  • surely everyone would pay more and only a few would be assured of advantages;
  • the promises made several times by the system burden reduction count would remain;
  • it would do the opposite of what is done in Germany, for example, where it was decided to lower energy costs for everyone, in addition to lowering VAT.

Unfortunately it seems that in the head of the Ministry of Economy and the pentastellato and piddini parliamentarians the idea does not enter that IT IS NOT THE TIME TO Squeeze Italians into taxes, but that if you do not want to face a serious recession in the within a few months, you have to let go of the tax halt if you don't want to be immersed in unemployment in September. But deputies and ministerial officials don't realize the country's misery from their golden shelters.

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